Mother's Day is Nigh...

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I'm not a mother myself, which is probably for the best.

Unless it's now considered good practice to park children in securely locked facilities most of the day, and just haul 'em out when you're in the mood?  I admit, kids can be pretty darn adorable in small doses.

But, seriously, how long do they remain clean, cheerful, amusing, and well-behaved?

I'm afraid at the first sign of a dirty diaper or a tantrum or even too many iterations of:  "Mom lookit! Mom, lookit! Mom lookit! Mommmm, Looookitttt!" I'd be all: "please take these tiresome things away from me, child-keepers, I'm done now."

Yeah I'd probably subscribe
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But my understanding is: Moms don't just hang out for the adorable moments.

I'm not sure how you all acquired such ridiculous amounts of patience, resourcefulness, strength of character, generosity, and physical endurance, but I sure admire it. I hope you get an awesome Mother's Day this weekend to celebrate and that your spouses and children all step up!

 Who gives a crap if they can cook? There's plenty of beer!

I also hope you get exactly what you want in terms of gifts.

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Malevolent Andrea, (who is always a kick to read), has a great list of stuff she wants for mothers day. And heck, if you pony up, maybe she'll adopt you!

Are you sending or anticipating any flowers?  You may want to keep in mind  that some of the people delivering flowers are mothers themselves, so try not to make their lives hell, ok?  Messymimi has some helpful ideas on that.

If you are a stressed-out mom trying to get fit and find balance in your life, you may want to buy YOURSELF a mother's day gift.

As it happens, remember the pre-publication sneak peak we got of the Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet Book?  Well, yay, it just launched and it's out now and you can buy it wherever fine books are sold!

It's one of the few non-naggy, non-punitive, positive, realistic and motivating resources for healthy living out there, so check it out.

Also, are any of you Mom's suffering from "depleted mother syndrome?"  Even if it's only a mild case, but especially if you're feeling totally overwhelmed, some good news: The awesome Rick Hanson (who I'm always going on and on about) and his wife Jan Hanson, a nutritionist/acupuncturist, and Ricki Pollycove, an ob/gyn, have a new book out, called Mother Nurture aimed at helping you take care of yourself.  

And Starving Bitch had an excellent Mother's Day gift idea that benefits a worthy cause at the same time delivering a gift no one would want to toss out or hide in the back of a closet. I'll let her explain more fully.

So anyway, warm wishes to all you amazing Moms and I hope you have an excellent Mother's Day!

And for those of us who have mothers, let's not forget to at least call or send her a crappy ecard, OK?

How about you guys, any plans for Mothers Day?

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