Let's all Shout for Trout!

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Ok, so that's maybe not quite as catchy as the "we all scream for ice cream" thing.

But here's the thing: trout is a pretty darn awesome fish, for reasons I will bore you with below.

Usually my main gripe with it is that it's hard to find in my 'hood and can be really expensive, but I've been pleased to see it at Trader Joes lately.  And while it's not cheap (about $9 a pound), it's been cleaned up and made into nice neat fillets.

trout from tj's

So, no guts or tiny bones or sad dead judgemental fish eyes staring at you creeping you out!

Anyway, why am I so taken with trout?

Trout: Nutritious and Packed with Omega-3's 

OK, so it doesn't have quite as many Omega-3's as salmon, but it's on the short list of high-omega 3 fish, with about a gram per 100 g serving. There are approximately 750,000 reasons to get enough Omega 3's, especially the kinds that you can only get in fish and not plants.  It's best to get them in your diet naturally, as supplementing is starting to get more controversial especially at high levels.

(Troubling Omega 3 research, as you may recall from Tiffany Reiss's online health research post: Monkeys and Omega 3Excess Omega 3Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer)

Yet every week there's some new study pointing to various health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids; the last one I saw says omega 3's help you sleep.

Other trout nutritional benefits include high protein and a much healthier fat profile than most slabs o' meaty things you might put on a plate.

Trout is Sustainable, Not Full of Poisons, and OK to buy Farmed if You Ain't Much of an Angler

vintage woman fishing

The folks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch (and they seem to be the go-to source for this sort of thing) give farmed rainbow trout a "best choice" designation.  And there is a link there to a long-ass rainbow trout report if you want more details.

The Seafood Watchers note that U.S. rainbow trout is "farmed in an ecologically responsible way," whereas many wild steelhead trout populations are endangered or threatened. And they've found that "management of the rainbow trout aquaculture industry is effective and well regulated, with widespread use of best management practices."

Taste: Salmon Too Fishy? You Still Might Like Trout

So I won't lie, it still tastes like fish, but it's got a much milder subtler flavor than salmon, and I am totallly diggin' it these days. Salmon feels like a "yeah it's good for me I'll eat it" meal a lot of the time, while Trout is a Treat! And yeah, I know trout is a kind of salmon, but whatever.  It tastes better.

Easy to Prepare, Apparently, 'Cause Even I Do, and I Can't Cook for Shit

Isn't it cool that the clever folks at Trader Joes know exactly who they're dealing with here, and the contents of a package fits perfectly on a foil-lined toaster oven pan?

raw trout

I thought about making a sauce of lemon and capers and greek yogurt, because I did that once before and it worked, but I felt too lazy.  So this was just salt and pepper.

I put the toaster oven on broil, and went to google a few trout links and somehow ended up on AfterEllen.com catching up on lesbian celebrity gossip and by the time I noticed that Jody Foster's wife is pretty darned hot, the fish seemed to be done!

Yeah, this is so not a cooking blog.

simple broiled trout

It pairs nicely with my specialty dish "Super Shriveled Asparagus." Which I actually like but I'm thinking the info on how to make it will not exactly be in high demand.

Real Trout Recipes for Real Cooks

I could use some help on this, because many of these seemed more elaborate, complicated,  and overly rich with high-saturated fat additions than seems necessary. On the other hand, some of you have gourmet cooking skills and like to do fancy entertaining or are paleo people more open to eating copious amounts of butter than I am, in which case, have at it!

But if anyone knows a healthy food blogger who has a good trout recipe, let me know and I'll add it in here. Or if you've got one to share, please email it to me!

But What's The Deal with Trout Skin? Are You Supposed to Eat it? I Don't, Ewww!

Do any of you eat trout or have a recent favorite food you've fallen in love with?

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