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...and ya know what???  She was SO right!  All my dreams did come true yesterday at Pizza Hut! 
Sometimes cheat meals can be such a let down!  It seems sometimes like you crave and crave something and then when you finally indulge in it, it's just so not worth it!  But, pizza never lets me down...nor do ice coffee and cinnamon rolls!!!  LOL!  Anyways, it was a guilt-free treat for me yesterday because I have been killing it lately!  I've been working out everyday and my eating has been so on point!  If you read this Blog you know what an accomplishment that is for me as I have been very honest about my struggle with being consistent.  But man, for the first time in my life I am doing it guys! 
Yes, that's what true success looks like!  Holla!!!
I really feel that something just clicked with me and finally, (FINALLY!) I have made that transition to "lifestyle" instead of "healthy phases!" 
So, with that said, I had my fun yesterday and today is a brand new day and it has been a solid day so far and I will finish strong! 
What are you're favourite cheat meals?  Anyone with me on Pizza Hut??? :)

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