When Fitness Doesn't Suck at All

By Crabby McSlacker

This was originally going to be a long rambling photo-filled post about trying (and often failing) to make healthy choices while on vacation.

The short version?

I did pretty well on exercise but I made some pretty egregious choices when it came to food.  I am so not the "role model" kind of health blogger, but you guys already knew that.

But yeah, as I may have mentioned, we did a lot of walking around while in Cape Town and I already bored you with a bazillion Cape Town pictures.  Plus I also did some improvisational aqua-aerobics,

and I hit the hotel gyms whenever I could,

and paced the concourses and climbed the stairs in airports during layovers,

and just generally took advantage of any available opportunities to be active. Yay me!

However, I spent most of the time I was gone shoving delicious food in my face, whether or not I was even hungry for it.  We couldn't walk 20 feet without being offered a glass of champagne or a tasty appetizer or a cookie or brown bag full of snacks to go, plus the meals themselves were amazing.

(Note: I didn't take many mealtime pictures, mainly because I was too busy cramming food into my mouth).

While I tried to optimize my selections to balance health and indulgence, I rarely passed anything up.  I suck at self-restraint when I'm out of my normal controlled environment.

This always happens when I travel, and I'm in boring old "atonement" mode now, so this post is not going to be about my various dietary transgressions.

Instead, it's about something more positive and pleasant.

It's about that magic that sometimes happens when you are somewhere beautiful, and you have it mostly to yourself, and you hike for a couple hours and don't even realize you are exercising because you are having a such a wonderful time.

Bonus if you are with someone you adore who is the absolute perfect hiking companion.

Anyway, for us the table mountain hike was one of those magical experiences.  The day started off cloudy and windy enough to scare everyone else away, so we had the normally busy trail entirely to ourselves. Then the sun broke through part way, and we took turns taking pictures as we strolled.

I'll shut up now.  These are probably better if you click on of 'em and step through the larger versions.


Sometimes it takes a little effort, planning and luck to make a lovely hike happen, but when the stars align it can be pretty special.

So whether the opportunity occurs somewhere familiar and beloved, or somewhere foreign and far far away, I hope you all get many many chances to experience that magic too!

Have you guys ever gone on a "magical" hike somewhere?

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