Weight Gurus Scale: Review and Giveaway

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Review by Starving Bitch

StarvingBitch here with another Review of a product that the gallivanting Cranky was unable to play with herself. I suppose frolicking with Lions, Tigers and Bears was more fun than doing a review.

So here I am. Decided to pull out the paperwork and sit down and read it while I wolfed down some Mexican Lasagna for lunch followed by some slightly stale yellow peeps for dessert. Because if nothing, I am committed to this weight loss journey.

So the nice folks over at  Weight Gurus, sent me a weightless series basic body scale.  (Note: they've got a special discount going during launch and an additional $5 off coupon for Cranky Fitness readers for a total of 50% off MSRP, if you decide you're interested).

The introduction in the manual was a great quote "The past does not predict, nor does it dictate your future." I'm such a quote whore that I really just fell in love with that. It falls right in line to my thinking of no matter how much I get knocked down I keep getting up and trying. That's all you can do in life.

So the thoughts behind the weightless scale is that sometimes the number on the scale can tend to act to demotivate when it doesn't necessarily say the number we want.  What's good is it has two formats. You can have it as a normal scale so that it will say 140 lbs or you can set it up weightless so it will just show a loss from the first time you stepped on it and set up the user.  The great part of this is the scale can set up 8 users. Which is fantastic if you are living in a dorm and everyone is doing a weight loss challenge, or you have a very large family.  Since it's just me, one user is enough, but it is nice that it accommodates data for many users.

You can toggle between modes, by just hitting the SEL button which is cool because sometimes those of us that are heavy would like to forget what the actual "weight" number is on the scale. If you want to switch from weigh-less to traditional mode or back permanently you would have to go through your user set up again, but this feature to toggle in between is great, not having to go through the set up every time just to switch over quickly to see the actual weight is a great feature.

My thoughts would be once you reach your goal weight to then reset your user at your new goal weight so that way if you are in weightless mode, you can make sure you are within a range of your goal to avoid gaining a lot back.

If you weigh over 400 lbs unfortunately this isn't the scale for you. It maxes at 400 lbs. The scale uses 4 AAA batteries as do most scales. The scale itself is very sleek looking and modern. Black but very slim, I was actually surprised at how lightweight it was compared to other scales that I have used.

So here is another kind of cool gadget feature. The scale has an Android/IOS app that is free that syncs with the scale so you can set goals, track your progress and keep track of your results.

When you download the app, you have to setup an account. This is where you would choose your experience. Since I need to lose weight I chose lose. But after you reach goal you can switch it to just track. Then you set your target weight.  What's neat is it syncs with your scale. So after you weigh weekly, daily or whatever time you choose. Your scale will put up a bar code, which you then use your camera on your phone to put the bar-code image into and it will sync your latest weigh in to your app. It's pretty neat. Especially if you like gadgets for your smart phone. Which this girl happens too love.

Another section of the app, lets you see graphs of your progress as well as the history of your weight loss. It's pretty neat from what I've been fooling around with, also as you lose weight it also tracks body fat, muscle mass and water.

The companies website also has a food scale to purchase as well. The price is around $50.00 which is about average for a higher end scale as opposed to just a basic model with out all the bells and whistles.  The kitchen scale is as sleek as the bathroom one and had I not just purchased one from Pampered Chef, I might be inclined to buy their kitchen scale as well.

I like the idea of being able to see charts about the weight loss with the app. If the app synced with MyFitnesspal like some other scales out there it would be of even more value as I could track my food and just sync up my scale to the myfitnesspal website to include everything else. So that would be one of my suggestions to the weight gurus on how they can further market their scale.

All in all this is a great scale that doesn't take up a lot of space and is very light weight with some very cool features. If anyone would like to win the scale the great folks over at WeightGuru are giving us the opportunity to give one away. If anyone else would like to purchase at a discount, you can follow this link for Amazon and the coupon code GURUS020 and the coupon code will be available until the end of April.

So who wants to win a scale??? leave a comment on how this scale would make your life easier and we will pick a lucky winner by the end of the week by random fancy selector machines. 

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