Top 10 Ways to be a Hipster Ultra Runner

Trey Bailey & Maxwell Ferguson illustrating multiple hipster ultra looks, picture courtesy Uphill Running

DISCLAIMER: As an expert in the field of Hipster Ultra Running looks, I want to express my respect for all the hipsters out there. I will begin by illustrating why I feel qualified to write about Ultra Running Hipster styles. Please note that I wear pink ironically. I also wear bikinis ironically.
As the final evidence in qualifications, I make my own coffee with an aeropress, a high performance single cup coffee maker, all the while wearing crazy leggings when I'm road tripping in the middle of Las Vegas because Starbucks just won't cut it for me.
Now that we've established my qualifications as an author, I'd like to jump right into the 10 most hipster ultra running looks. You too can be a Hipster Ultra Runner by adopting some or all of these looks. 

1. Mustaches: Sorry ladies, you're not gonna like this, but mustaches are the perfect hipster accessory for men. 
Adam Hewey illustrates Hipster look #1. Photo by by Glenn Tachiyama at Yakima Skyline 50k
Guys: this is the mustache you should be shooting for. Dominic Grossman, by Matt Trappe
2. Beards: The less groomed the beard, the more legit. Add a cowboy hat and collared shirt, if possible. 
Rob Krar, photo by Mike Davis. 
Dominic is getting a lot of hair time on this post, but he clearly has the hair for it. Grossman is an example of a totally legit hipster groomed beard. Dominic Grossman by Jayme Burtis

3. Costumes: Whether you are pacing or racing, costumes will help establish your hipster cred.
Angel Mathis and Alicia Woodside, by Glenn Tachiyama

Quadruple whammy! Sean Meissner wears a trucker hat, costume, and wild beard DURING a beer mile. Sean may be the ultimate hipster UR. Photo by Justin Grady. 
4. Trucker Hats: Pretty self-explanatory. 
Ginna Ellis, Pete Walstrom, Jenn Shelton, Hayden Teachout. Photo by Ginna Ellis
5. Beer Mile: Forget running a regular mile. Run a beer mile. Add costumes. 
Encinitas Beer Mile
6. Headstands: You can include one mid-race to express your carefree attitude toward racing and running.
Michael Seiser in full racing mode
Wheel pose works equally well
Or dancer's pose....
8. Belly Shirts: If you're not going shirtless, then go for a belly shirt. If you want to double up on hipster cred, make it a Pacific Northwest inspired plaid belly shirt. 
Dave Melanson sporting the Pacific Northwest inspired plaid belly shirt while pacing me at HURT 100. Photo by Angel King.
9. Ironic Sunglasses: Any sunglasses that wouldn't traditionally be used for running work. Ideally you will buy them at a gas station for less than $10. 
No one does it better than Anton Krupicka. Picture by Derrick Lytle
10. Accessorize with Stripes and Plaid: Add lots of color and patterns, but not too many. Choose to accessorize with color and patterns: socks, sunglasses, and headbands all work. Plaid and Stripes are definite must-haves. 
Striped socks! Sabrina Redden, photo by Aravaipa Running.
Plaid shirts, perfect hipster post race clothing. Pictured: Brendan Trimboli & Joe Grant. Photo by Inside Ultras.

11. Go shirtless, bonus! If you aren't going plaid or wearing a belly shirt, go shirtless. When in doubt as to what to wear, wear less.
Jamil Coury, Aravaipa Running
Have any favorite hipster ultra running looks? Please comment and share!

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