Spotted in South Africa...

By Crabby McSlacker

Will Cranky Fitness go back to being a health and fitness blog someday?

Or is it going straight to the dogs since Crabby took off on her trip?

(Wild dogs won't bring your slippers for you, but they are kinda cool).

Yeah, I know it can be a big yawn being subjected to other people's trip photos.

So feel free to horn in in the comments and tell me to cut it out.

It's just that we were SO incredibly lucky to see so many animals...

That I started to think that using self-restraint was for the birds.

(Yes, they have penguins in South Africa! Who knew?)

I won't try to buffalo you, there are probably MANY more photos to come.

We got a trunk full.

OK, I'll stop monkeying around now.

(And yes, I know this is a baboon. The actual monkeys were blurry)

So yeah, sorry for all the bad puns--and the rushed post. We're at the Johannesburg airport with dying laptop batteries and a broken adapter that won't help us with the funny looking wall plugs.

We've been having an amazing time, so many aspects of this trip have surpassed our wildest hopes. Our time in Cape Town plus three days of game drives in a private reserve that opens into Kruger national park have been incredible.

And we still have a couple more fun-filled days in Frisco, Texas to look forward to!

Thanks for your patience, and be back soon. Miss you guys!

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