Reward yourself the right way!

I used to be so bad for using food as a reward - can anyone out there relate?  I'd say to myself "Okay, as soon as I'm done my homework I'll reward myself with those chips!"  Seemed like a great motivator! This line of thinking carried over into fitness as well.  "Okay, when I complete this workout DVD series (or workout for 1 month straight, or eat really good for 2 weeks....) then Pizza Hut here I come!  Crazy thinking isn't it???  Rewarding yourself with something that is working against your goals?!  I am someone who is very motivated by a reward. I LOVE the sense of accomplishment by earning something, even if it is from myself!
So, why not reward ourselves with something that will help us WANT to keep on working towards the goals we want to reach?   There's nothing wrong with a little retail motivation!!!
How about...
a pair of colourful new running shoes
 workout clothes
funky neon socks
a cool new yoga mat
a shaker cup or water bottle
a new gym bag
Any of these presents would certainly keep me truckin'!!!  Because lets be honest, there is nothing like going to a workout class in brand new, matching workout clothes. (You know, instead of all those ill fitting old comfy leftovers!)

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