Three Annoying Questions for Jody of Truth 2 Being Fit!

Interview By Crabby McSlacker

So again with the "3 Annoying Questions!" This time we decided to ambush... er, ask the awe-inspiring Jody, whom you can find being all Fit at 56.  Jody keeps it real, offering inspiration and practical tips on fitness and health and nutrition, but damn it, she stubbornly refuses to offer quick fixes to tough problems or magical solutions which require no effort or sacrifice. Spoilsport.

Please welcome Jody to the weirdness that is Cranky Fitness!--Crabby 

And here are the 3 Annoying questions:

1.    What do you find to be the suckiest thing for you about living a healthy lifestyle?

Well, I really don’t find anything wrong with living a healthy lifestyle. I love lifting weights, being able to age well & take care of myself, eat tasty food for me. I am happy with all that part of it. I think the hard part is that having been heavy as a kid & being short & having a tough body type that likes to keep on weight, I really have to be pretty good MOST of the time. I mean I have my treat cookies & healthy breads but in order to be the way I want to be – I stress that this is for me & not what others would do for themselves – I have to do more cardio than I prefer to do. Not a cardio fan. Love the weights but I do quite a bit of cardio too to stay leaner. I also would prefer to eat more “sweets & fun food” but I don’t. I have made this choice for myself so… it is all what I chose to do.. it may change in the future but for now it is the way it is…

2.    Do you ever look in the mirror and say to yourself "F--ck it, I am awesome enough already.  The hell with working out, I'm sitting my ass down on the couch today and I am watching an afternoon of Rocky and Bullwinkle reruns and eating my next 18 weeks of Whole Foods Cookies all in one sitting."

OMG, so funny! Everyone knows I love my treat cookies!!!! NO, I never say this. In fact, I struggle with the negative self-talk still so I never even think I am awesome enough. It seems like there is always more to do & with age it gets harder as you know too well.

YES, I have been heard to say that I would love to look like this without all the hard work… Sure, who wouldn't like to be able to stay this healthy & fit without working so hard at it. BUT I do love lifting weights so honestly I would overdo that even more if I could get away with it! I would probably lift no matter what! It empowers me & makes me feel strong as a person. :)

I take 2 full days off from exercise a week & I have my treat HUGE cookies on the weekend. If I feel like it, I may even have one during the week.

I also plan for a healthier snack every night - it may be animal cookies or something like that but I do that each night.  I do know that taking too much time off leads to the likelihood of not going back to it for many. With age, we also lose our muscle & fitness quicker in my personal opinion so no – I never look at taking multiple weeks off. I may plan for a week of lesser activity with more days off in that week than normal but that is about it.

...And if not, how the hell do you keep doing all you do, day in and day out?

I have been doing this for over 30+++  years & the type of workout I do now for over 20 years so for me, it is just life. I really am just used to doing it. It is not that I don’t think about wanting to be the way I am with less effort or time .. it is just that I like the results & I am willing to do what I do for those results. I like feeling healthy & fit at all my ages along the way. I don’t expect others to do what I do – this is for me. I am sure a lot of it stems from insecurities when I was younger & this was the one thing that set me apart – sometimes it still is that reason but most times it is just for me.

3.    If you had to slap one celebrity upside the head really hard with a large smelly rotting fish, and yell at them for being a total moron about something health or fitness related, who would it be and why?

The friggin celebrities!!! Living in southern CA, I get so tired of all that crap out there. There is so much misinformation, celebrities saying they are doing things that make the whole process look easy when it is not easy. They hock products that are useless or at least not without healthy eating & some form of exercise too. I mean look at the paid sponsorships out there for diets. As much as Dr. Oz has good info on his show, every day is a new product to take or eat – crap, we would all be on the streets broke if we bought everything from every show! It kinda preys on people's weaknesses.

There are too many celebrities to count – I can’t even single one out! The biggest thing is the pushing that there is only one way. My best advice to everyone out there is that there is no one right way! If anyone tells you that, turn around & walk if not run away. We are all different & have unique bodies & lives & lifestyles. Find what works for you both exercise & food wise – you will be much happier that way!

Thank You So Much Jody!--Crabby

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