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By Crabby McSlacker

Yep, it's been a while since the last links post, so this should be more than a short rushed slopped-together compilation, and yet... that's exactly what we got.  After I put this up, I'm planning a quick playground workout and then the Lobster and I are whisking off to a mystery destination for an exciting event.

OK, so maybe not such a mystery location.

We're talking Anaheim,where we're motoring up to cover the Natural Products Expo West.

And if this year is anything like last year I'm going to be very busy...

...stuffing my face (and pockets) with all the free food I can cart away! Er... I mean, carefully researching new health innovations and interviewing natural food industry experts and gathering info to report back on.

But still, we got a few fun links for you to check out...

Boomer/Middle Age Stuff:

There are a few in this category, otherwise we don't have much of a theme going.

First off, I was horrified by this protein and mortality study that seems to be saying that middle-aged people should NOT be eating a high protein/low carb diet, (defined as 20% or more of calories from protein) because it can lead to cancer and kill you. Whereas after 65, more protein is better. Animal protein from meat and cheese is especially problematic.

This totally depresses and confuses me because I've been eating fairly low carb based on a bunch of studies about managing blood sugar, and may have possibly been overly influenced by the paleo/primal people who see all kinds of evil in grains and legumes, which I don't digest all that well myself.   I haven't scoured the study yet looking for loopholes, but I wanna find out more about this. Could it be time for me to say f--k it to the whole low carb thing? I mainly eat lean meats and egg whites and tons and tons of veggies and some fruit and nuts (and of course treats like dark chocolate and wine) and maybe the subjects were more the triple-cheeseburger types? Or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree after all?  Sigh.  I hate science sometimes!

But not all middle aged links were depressing, and I was quite taken with the Singing Uterus Explaining Perimenopause that our pal Jody shared (thank you Jody!)

And I also wanted to let you know about "Fun and Fit," which is a blog and website devoted to "healthy aging for Boom Chicka Boomers." As it happens, Alexandra and Kymberly have also given some thought too to the whole bucket list issue I was pondering.

Other Stuff:

If you enjoyed UltraKaz's recap of the Jackpot Ultra-Marathon, Caitlin at Fit and Feminist also shares an Ultra Report on what it's like to run an absurd number of miles all at one time. You gals are nuts! But admirably so.

Or, if you're considering running while pregnant, check out the always amusing Marie at Cheaper Than Therapy.

And what is there to say about a twitter chat between Domino's customer service and a Man Who Claims he was Burned Having Relations with a Pizza?

OK, heading off soon to don my Official Press Badge and do some Serious Health and Nutrition Investigative Reporting!

What's on you mind today, awesome Cranketeers?  And got any fun plans for the weekend?

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