Takin' Care of Business

This is just a short post today, with one quick idea, and totally unrelated link.

First the link: it's a beautiful and powerful post, "The Cure for Not Being Good Enough," by Charlotte over at The Great Fitness Experiment.

Seriously, it's well worth an extra click.

Anyway, here's what I'm trying to do today, and I'd like to pass it on as a quick suggestion:

Blow Off Something You Habitually Take Care of And Deal With Something Less Pressing but More Important That You've Been Avoiding.

You know there's something, or maybe a whole list of things that you've been putting off. And you've been feeling guilty and lame about it and it's taking up space in your brain.

Yet you never seem to make time because the Daily Things That Must be done take up your attention and can not be avoided, right?

But wait, what happens when you get sick?

You don't do things!

Or you do a half-assed job or you get someone else to do them and life goes on.

So here's my suggestion:

Within the next week, pick a day or a half day or whatever.  Or hell, today is good, as Friday is a traditional time for bailing from obligations early.

If you are a good liar untroubled by small fibs, say you are not feeling well, or cite "a family problem."

Or if you don't like to lie, just say "some unexpected personal business" came up. If you are self-employed or stay-at-home, perhaps spring for a babysitter or call on a friend or use some of the resources you would if you were genuinely ill.

Get one of those nagging things out of the way.  You'll feel better. And see if life indeed goes on.

Anything you're avoiding that you might feel better if you took care of sooner rather than later?

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