Strange Adventures and Assorted Announcements

By Crabby McSlacker

So Happy Saint Patricks Day!  Although aside from a green shirt that makes an appearance in a photo or two, I'm afraid we're not doing much on that theme today.

This post is partly about seeking out "adventure!" But, if you are an anxious person, fear not. I haven't changed my opinion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your comfort zone, and staying way the hell away from "adventures" other people suggest if they seem too risky or otherwise unappealing.

However, there is still a lot of excitement and novelty to be had in the world from within your comfort zone.  And in fact, scooching up right to the edges of it can keep life interesting and keep your world from shrinking into something drab and confining and boring.

So how do you find an adventure that's right for you?

Some people are up for anything, but others of us are most decidedly not.

 No Thanks!
Planet Comics cover: wikipedia

Ideally, you'd probably like to seek out opportunities that are novel but don't totally scare the crap out of you, or carry too high a risk of untimely death or dismemberment, or cost so much you have to sell your children into slavery, or require you to hang out with disturbed, dangerous, obnoxious or horribly tedious people for prolonged periods of time.

Which, alas, rules a lot of stuff out.

You may be relieved to discover I'm not gonna offer up any specific advice about this, because it's all so subjective.  What's a "fun adventure" for some people qualify as a "horrifying nightmare" for others.

So how about I just plant the idea to keep your eyes and your mind open to Adventurous Opportunities, both little and big?  Plus maybe a little show and tell before I meander on down to the Announcements.

Little Adventure:

This last weekend there was a St. Patricks day thingy at the park and we went to hear some music. Which kinda sucked so we wandered away from the stage.  But guess what they had there?

I'd seen these before, and even though tiny toddlers jump right on, I hadn't quite mustered up the nerve to try it myself.  I'm a total coward when it comes to rides or slides, or anything that involves being flung, spun, tossed, flipped, hurled, or dropped from high elevations.

But this looked somewhat approachable and like it could be fun! So with some trepidation, because that's how I approach anything I haven't done before...


I threw caution to the wind!

First I got up-close and personal with the careful carney while he tried very hard not to do anything untoward while fastening the harness around my waist and between my legs...

 (He was cute too, which in my case was kind of a waste.)

...and then I grinned at my gal, so in case I died in a tragic bungee trampoline freak accident she'd have a recent photo for the memorial service...

And away I went, whee!

Though I gotta say, it took a fair amount of effort to keep going up and down and up and down and I ultimately found the "Work" to "Whee!" ratio a bit too high for any fantasies of a home version. But it turned out not to be the least bit scary and I was glad to have given it a shot.

Upcoming Bigger Adventure (Please Don't Hate Me! OK, Yeah, Actually You Can).

So you know how when something really awesome happens to someone who hasn't done anything at all virtuous to deserve it, you can have complicated feelings about it?

Like noticing that maybe you work hard and do the right things and no one is selling you a winning lotto ticket or giving you a surprise bonus or even cutting you two minutes slack when your parking meter expires? And yet someone you know who seems to do nothing but loaf around for a living announces yet another upcoming trip?

You might be thinking "WTF? That bitch is going off yet again on the vacation I SHOULD BE GOING ON godddamn it!" even as you are saying "wow, so happy for you, that's great, be sure to take tons of pictures!"

Well, um, in that spirit ... it does seem as though the Lobster and I are heading off for another fortuitous adventure.  Where to this time?

Here's a hint:

Sheena cover: wikipedia

And here's another one:

(I will spare you the shots of Cipro and Malaria pills as well the cute smiley bandaids we had on our arms from our Hep A and Tetanus/Diptheria etc shots).

Yep, we are going to Africa, or well, South Africa which is perhaps not as adventurous as some other African destinations but whatever. We're spending a week in Cape Town and 3 days on Safari in Kruger National Park.

What I would find even more annoying, if I weren't the one getting to go, is that this is an all-expense-paid corporate swankfest, complete with Business/First class flights and fine dining and upscale hotels and lodges and wine tasting and tours and shit like that.

Photo: Lion Sands

And what did I have to do to get in on this deal? Slave away for years and save up money? Compete in some incredibly selective contest and win a big prize?

Nah, I just married the most awesome gal in the world who happens to be a corporate go-getter. Well, somebody had to do it.

Note: it will be interesting to see what the folks in this Texas-based company will make of the big ol' dykey wife of the only female executive on the leadership team, especially during the dressy parts of the adventure.  As an introvert, and as a female who can not walk in a pair of high heels without a pratfall, who does not wear make-up, and who carries a purse as gracefully as someone taking a bulging bag of soiled cat litter out to the trash, I suspect the "fitting in" and "schmoozing" parts may prove a little challenging.

Plus, I have made great headway in my flying phobia... but yikes, LOTS of opportunities for turbulence and there will be... shudder... small aircraft involved.

But, well,  adventure is the spice of life, right?

Not This Spicy Though, I'm Hoping
Photo: X-ray Delta One

And Now, onto the Announcements!

Cranketeers--Any of You Up for a Guest Post?

With the South Africa thing, the long-ass flights involved, plus a few days stopover in the always exotic Frisco Texas, I'll be mostly spotty on the blogging from March 26th through April 11th.

If you have something to contribute, especially if it includes a few pictures, this would be an excellent time to give it a whirl, and I would be exceedingly grateful! My email is crabby mcslacker at gmail dot com.

Stay Tuned for an Awesome Giveaway this Week!

It's coming on Wednesday, open to Canadians too, and contains a very generous SIX prizes, so chances of winning are excellent.  We're talking 3 copies each of two great books, Rick Hanson's "Hardwiring Happiness" as well as "The Fit Bottom Girl's Anti-Diet Book." You will be hearing much more about both of them on Wednesday, so be sure to stop by!

Radio show!

This looks fun: the Fun and Fit gals are launching thier "Active Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers" on this coming Weds, March 19 LIVE 8-9am PDT (11 EDT). (It will also be rebroadcast and converted to podcasts in case you have some trivial excuse for missing it, like not getting fired from a job that feeds your family).

The topic: "Let’s Start at the Middle! Show Intro plus Midlife Weight Gain: What Can You Do About Hormones, Menopause, and Menopot?

Guest expert is Tamara Grand, whom you may know from her excellent blog Fitknitchick!

Here's the VoiceAmerica link, check it out!  But beware, sound plays immediately or at least it did for me, so turn your speakers down if you are sharing workspace and not wearing headphones.

So, any thoughts about Adventures or Anything else this fine Saint Patrick's Day?

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