I can't even tell you how much I love this!
  It's so easy to get discouraged, it's so easy to give up.  I am a person who is very all or nothing and this attitude has set me up for failure on more than one occasion.  Life is a journey and as we all know it seldom goes as planned.  People who we view as successful or those we admire for reaching their goals are not rare people who have it easier than us.  They are people who persevere.  They are people who fall and choose to get back up, it is not easy but they refuse to quit.
Maybe you have a dream and you are procrastinating doing the things you need to do (ummm, hello Muff!!!) or maybe you have been trying to achieve something and you seem to hit a road block at every turn or maybe you are waiting on something to happen that is out of your control.  Whatever the case is please, please don't give up.  That call your waiting for could come tomorrow, that money could be on it's way to you, your efforts on your next attempt could be the ones that make everything you've always dreamt of a reality.  DON'T STOP NOW!!!
There is a trail near our home that we walk on almost everyday in the nice weather and when we first came to St. Peters Bay several years ago on holidays my hubby and I set the goal of reaching the purple bridge which is just about 3.5km away.  We set out one day and let me tell you, it was HOT out!!!  The sun was scorching down on us, we had no water and we were getting more tired by the minute.  We kept going and finally my hubby said, "Lets just head home."  It surprised me because if there is one thing you should know about my man is that he NEVER gives up.  NEVER!!!  I insisted that we kept going saying, "What if it's just around the bend?"  We had lost all track of where we were on the trail or how long we'd been walking, hours, days...we weren't sure!  He agreed and we kept going. 
We came to another bend that we couldn't see beyond and again we thought of heading back but I just kept thinking about how disappointed I'd be if that elusive purple bridge was just around the next bend. Well, several bends later and a lot of perseverance, we finally made it!
We made it!!!  (Spike too!)
Don't give up, maybe your purple bridge is just beyond the bend in the road.

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