Giveaway: Rick Hanson's Hardwiring Happiness and The FBG's Anti-Diet Book!

Rick Hanson Hardwiring Happinessfit bottom girls anti dietBy Crabby McSlacker

So today we have a giveaway featuring 3 copies of each of these fine books...

So SIX Winners!

Plus the giveaway includes Canadians!

And yeah, this is the weirdest blog post formatting ever, and I shudder to think what happens on a mobile phone, but I couldn't figure out any other way to not put one book "on top" and the other "below."

Both are well-written helpful books by writers I'm already quite fond of: The "Fit Bottomed Girls," (Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead), and Rick Hanson.  So it would bug me not to treat them equally--even though I know the authors themselves don't give a f... um, fig! who goes on top.

At first glance these titles might seem to have nothing to do with one another. So one might wonder why on earth I've combined them for this giveaway.  (Aside from the fact they have the same publisher, which I did NOT know until after I already decided to put them together.)

But there's actually something interesting they have in common:

It's The Whole Mind vs Body Thing!

Ostensibly, The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet is about how to improve your Body.

Jack LaLanne
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While Hardwiring Happiness is about how to improve your Mind.

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But what I love about these authors is that they, like clever Cranky Fitness readers, are hip to the fact that the whole Mind/Body division is a false dichotomy. Right?

The Fit Bottomed Girls do not approach "getting the body you love" as many so many diet/fitness books do: solely as a series of things to eat or not eat, and a list of exercises to do or not do.  They emphasize all the mental aspects of healthy living, from motivation to self acceptance to avoiding self-defeating behaviors to bonding with others.

And likewise, Rick Hanson's approach to rewiring your brain to achieve greater happiness and peace of mind is so powerful in large part because he incorporates basic physiology into his explanations and simple practices.  When you can actually appreciate the ways that changing your thoughts and behaviors can change your body's chemistry and your brain's very structure, it offers a much more grounded, science-based framework for embarking on psychological self-improvement. (Which can help you feel much less like an ass if you tend to feel self-conscious when embarking on any woo-woo personal growth stuff).

Anyway, to get a little more specific:

The Fit Bottomed Girls ANTI-DIET Book:

Some of the many reasons you might want to read this book:

  • There are a LOT of great ideas for how to be more fit and healthy, improve your body image, and live a more balanced life.
  • Much of this advice can help you lose weight if that's a goal, but it never feels like a restrictive, bossy, scoldy "diet" or "weight loss" book.
  • The steps are broken down into 10 minute fixes so you can pick and choose where to focus and not get totally overwhelmed.
  • The tips and discussions are all based on either science or common sense. So you can actually trust what you read and not find yourself rolling your eyes at crazypants notions or insanely unrealistic advice.
  • The focus is positive and empowering.
  • But there is a lot of acknowledgement of the real challenges and difficulties involved in changing old habits, and there are tons of real-life practical strategies that can help.

And guess what?  The book is not officially launched yet, and doesn't go on sale 'til May, so if you win, you will get to read an advance copy! You will be first on your block!

"Uncorrected Proof! Not for Sale!" How sexy is that? 

But if you don't win, consider pre-ordering the Anti-Diet book because you get a bonus free thing! The FBGs “Little Book of 10-Minute Fixes and Recipes.”

Rick Hanson's Hardwiring Happiness

Hardwiring Happiness is one you definitely want in your library! A few reasons:

  • More happiness, contentment, calm and confidence? What's not to like?
  • There is a solid scientific foundation for all of the suggestions and practices, so you can feel reassured you are not dealing with some screwy new-age nutball, but rather with a respected authority in neuropsychology.
  • Yet all the sciencey things are explained and translated in a very approachable way and feel very common sense and graspable.
  • There are lots of specific, simple practices to choose from. You can dabble or dive in!
  • Rick writes beautifully, and incorporates many real life examples you can relate to. Plus he has a sense of humor about his own challenges and foibles and does not come across like some "I've got all the answers" a--hole.
  • There is no pretense that this is all easy or quick, and sometimes Rick can almost read your mind in terms of anticipating obstacles, objections, and potential slackitude.
  • The book made the NY Times best-seller list, and there's a reason for that.

But probably most importantly:

This stuff really works.

I know because I've been following Rick for a few years now.

My Go-To Geek Guru

And while I'm still a quirky cranky contentious creature, I am WAY happier as a result of taking his advice and working hard (well, for a McSlacker) at the practices he suggests.

And also, before we get to the giveaway stuff a quick nod to... Books for Better Living which I discovered through the publisher of both these fine books.  It's not just a marketing vehicle, and in fact is extremely quiet about any books that might be available by some of their knowledgeable contributors. But it has some really useful content on meditation, fitness, food, relationships, happiness etc., so check it out!

Giveaway Rules:

Has anyone ever noticed I run the weirdest giveaways on the web?  If sponsors are silent on details, I like to rig things to encourage both random fly-by commenters but also, if I have multiple copies, sneakily rig things to favor those who actually put some effort into the whole commenting process, either in this post or in general. I do that by creating a small pool of finalists based on merit, and then randomly choose from that pool.

Note: this extremely generous giveaway could be horribly humiliating if I have more book copies than entrants! I rarely get more than a couple dozen comments on giveaways anymore, and that often includes me pumping it up.

So, here's the deal:

1. One copy of each book will be given totally at random, so if you just put down any kind of comment, you can win.

But additionally...

2. One copy of each book will be set aside for those who report some sort of sharing activity--twitter, facebook etc.  While this sharing slightly decreases your chances of random winning if it brings in more entrants, it hugely boosts your overall odds of winning because almost NO ONE ever bothers to do this and you will be in a very small subgroup!

3. And finally, one copy of each book will set aside for those who put some thought into their comment and let me know why they'd want a free copy of the book.

Giveaway winners will be announced a week from today, on Weds the 26th (which, holy crap, is the day I take off on the first leg of my trip, yikes!) based on comments made by sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

Are any of you guys working on your Body or your Mind or Both? Wanna Free Book?

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