Can Crabby Blog from a Droid?

It seems unlikely that I can manage to post on the road with a smartphone, given that I can barely make calls with it. But internet access is already proving problematic, and we haven't even left Frisco Texas yet. (Apparently not just our hotel, but others in the Hilton chain were down too, which has got to mean a crapload of pissed off business travelers.)

So I thought i'd try a test post on the phone with a photo of nothing, using a goofy retro filter.  Because today it's only a judgmental bull in a texas parking lot, but later it could be lions and giraffes and shit, who knows? Anyway, good thing guest posts are a 'comin. Stay tuned!

So i can take 1 photo, put text on top, and center a caption below.
But seriously blogger, no other options?
Where's the freakin menu? Sigh.

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