Bucket Lists--What Should Be on Yours?

By Crabby McSlacker

Do you have a "bucket list" of things you'd like to do before you croak?

There's a whole website designed to help you "track and achieve your life goals," and there may be some bucket list ideas there you could swipe.

I don't actually have one myself, but hmm... maybe I should?

Mostly I'm curious about what you guys have on yours.

This brief post was inspired by awesome and beloved Cranky Fitness commenter Tree Peters, who has a great list over at her blog about tackling 50 Things Before 50.  Plus I frequently walk by the chalk board, pictured above. One that reinforces the notion that gosh, we're all different aren't we!  (And by "different" I mean "sometimes really freakin' deranged.")

But I realize I like the notion of a specific age better than "before I kick the bucket."  Not only is it a little less morbid, but it's a reminder that milestones keep piling up. If you don't consciously consider what you REALLY want to experience in life, and have a deadline in mind and some specifics plans... One day you're going to be sitting there in your wheelchair drinking your ensure and trying not to soil your Depends, full of bitter regrets.

However, if I wanted to steal the 30 before 30 or 50 before 50 notion, for me it would have to be 60 Things Before 60.  And that's a crapload of things!

But maybe a shorter list would be helpful? I'm pondering.

I have limited experience with the Things Before You Turn a Number notion, but in my late forties I did decide I had one fitness goal I really wanted to achieve before I turned fifty.

Yes, my dream was to do unassisted Pull Ups.  Or, well, "Pull-Up." I figured I'd be happy with one.

Why on earth, in a world full of mountains to climb and oceans to swim and other more adventurous feats did I pick the Unassisted Pull Up for my fitness yard-stick?  Who the f-ck knows, but I chose it.

And shortly before I turned 50, I did it.

Which is a reminder that yes--specific goals and deadlines do sometimes get things accomplished! Even if they are pointless things.

(And yes, Crabby's playing with her camera phone again.  The different settings are supposed to represent fantasy turning into reality.  I should just figure out how to use instagram or photoshop like a normal person. Oh and btw, 3 years later I can now do... One Unassisted Pull-Up. Or Two Chin-Ups. Gosh, such an exciting inspiring fitness blogger I am!)

Anyway, I've gotten to visit a lot of great places and do a lot of fun things already in my life, which would have probably been on my bucket list earlier if I'd had one.

Travel Abroad doesn't suck.

But even as I have a huge mental catalog of foreign lands yet to explore, and accomplishments to strive for, and exhilarating experiences to seek out, nothing seems to leap out as an absolute short-list MUST-do before I go.  Not to tempt fate, but I think I could die tomorrow without feeling too shortchanged. I've been fantastically lucky in my life.

However, it's always fun to have exciting shiny goals or adventures ahead, and it might be fun to get more specific about it...  perhaps a follow up post after further thought?

So how about you all, do you have a list? Or got any ideas that inspire you or that I could steal might inspire others?

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