Three Annoying Questions...For Jennipher from Fit Bottomed Girls

By Crabby McSlacker

So it's time yet again to play "3 Annoying Questions!" Our next victim is Jennipher Walters, someone I actually got to meet and hang out with at a Dole-funded event a few years ago.

It was rough: we were wined and dined and subjected to spa treatments and cruelly forced to write our thoughts about mushroom powder and frozen bananas. 

However, during the event I discovered Jenn's deep dark secret...

Yep: she's every bit as warm and smart and awesome in real life as she appears to be on the web.

Anyway, to get more official: Jennipher Walters is CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites, and She is also a certified personal trainer, health coach, and group exercise instructor; she also holds an MA in health journalism, and is the author of the upcoming book by Random House, The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet.

So here are the three annoying questions!

What do you hate most about trying to live a healthy lifestyle?

I truly do love my healthy lifestyle. Not to be all Pollyanna, but I created it, and I really, really love the workouts I do and the healthy foods I eat. That said, what I hate most about the "healthy lifestyle" thing is that people tend to get in really regimented and opinionated ruts about it. Like, you can ONLY be vegan or Paleo or low-fat or whatever. I say do what works for you; do what makes you feel good. Everybody is different and there's no magic workout or formula. Also, because I can never say this enough, DIETS SUCK! :)

Have you ever blogged anything you were later embarrassed about?

Surprisingly, nothing is coming to mind! I've written about pooping, not showering, peeing, periods, chafing in "personal" areas ... it's all fair game, I guess! Although I will say that I'm probably more apt to write something and share it with the world than tell someone face to face. I'm weirdly introverted like that.

Let's say you're on a very well-funded reality TV show and to win 100 million dollars you had to either:

(1) Skydive into a packed star trek convention wearing absolutely nothing but a pair of pointy ears;

(2) Eat 3 roasted sewer rats garnished with iguana eyes and crushed cockroaches; or

(3) Consume every meal at McDonald's for the next 12 months and forgo any exercise except handing your cash to the kid at the drive through window.

Which would you choose, or would you pass up the fortune?

What a fabulously fun question! All of those options stink.

Number 1 is pretty much everyone's nightmare. Number 2 makes me want to gag just reading it. And number 3 is just ... ew ... I think I might go crazy! Not to mention that I'd totally lose my street cred as a fitness professional.

So ... with that said ... I'm going with number 1! I've watched enough Star Trek to know Trekkies are a friendly bunch. And maybe I could position my pointy ears strategically ...

They're waitin' for ya Jenn!

What would you ask a favorite fitness blogger? What do you hate about fitness? Or hey, how do you feel about skydiving?

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