Three Annoying Questions for Josie of Yum Yucky

Yes, it's time to drag out the ridiculous questions and annoy another favorite blogger, Josie from the awesome blog Yum Yucky.  (Note: Josie turned 41 yesterday, and celebrated the event not by sensibly diving face first into a vat of chocolate cake as I would have, but by constructing a booty challenge and eating cereal and bacon.  Go figure!)

In addition to great blog posts, Josie is an awesome source for fun, informative, and hilarious videos, something you ain't gonna find here at Cranky Fitness unless Crabby has begged someone else to do 'em for her.

Welcome, Josie, and here are your annoying questions! --Crabby

1. If a disturbed but mysteriously well-connected psychopath held a gun to your head and made you choose a celebrity for a one night private "workout" (nudge nudge wink wink), and your family was sobbing and pleading with you to do what the psychopath said so there was absolutely nothing you could do but comply and no need to feel guilty, who would you choose?

Oh geeze, would you PLEASE be more specific? Are we talking water gun, pellet gun or paintball gun? It turns out that the hubs and I already had this conversation years ago (impressed much?), but I honestly can't remember if he gave me permission to chick-a-bow-bow under gun point or not. Yet me thinks I'd just have to use the "man holds a gun to your head" emergency escape ninja move that my hubs taught me last summer. I never had so much fun practicing how to gouge someone's eyes out.

[Wait...Crabby can't help but notice that Josie dodged the question! Wasn't that sneaky?  But we heard from a reliable source that she has a secret crush on Don Knotts even though he's dead and kinda creepy looking.

photo: wikipedia

Which we weren't gonna reveal, but that's what happens when people try to avoid Crabby's annoying questions!] 

2.  What fitness product or food yet to be invented are you most eager to see hit the shelves?

What a coincidence that you would ask me this question. My "Food Teleporter Prototype" is currently in mass production and ready to be shilled, errr, I mean, marketed to you and your readers. 

It is a multi-gazillion dollar idea and I will be very rich, so you better think twice about bad-mouthing my invention because I will gain wealth and power -- more power than the CIA, FBI, NSA and all the other alphabetical letters you could ever imagine.


3.  What do you hate most about trying to live a healthy lifestyle? (Yes this is a totally boring question but I've been asking everyone a version of it and no one wants to admit healthy living bites, so thank you for sucking it up and answering anyway, ok?)

The worst thing ever is that I can no longer be a candy cigarette chain smoker like I was when I was 12. People would judge me now and that pretty much sucks. Besides that problem, I try to get in my veggies but not always enthused about it. Yet my Vegetable Osmosis Technique for absorbing extra nutrients did, in fact, lead to a Cabbage Couture Headwear line that I'm damn proud of.

What would you guys ask Josie? And is she not awesome?!

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