A Walk in the Park

By Crabby McSlacker

Fear not, this is not gonna be a long post or another massive camera phone dump.  Just a couple brief thoughts vaguely related to health and fitness inspired by a walk in the park yesterday morning.

1.  Walking is Underrated in the Fitness World But it Rocks.

I was actually headed to the gym yesterday, but got a few blocks from my door and said screw it and headed for the park instead.  It was a nice day, and I was feeling overwhelmed by a long to-do list and realized that I was dreading the strength training and intervals that were on my exercise agenda.

So I put off my more psychologically and physically demanding fitness plans for one more day.

But big whoop, right?  Is it going to make much difference a year from now? A long walk is sometimes just what you need to regain perspective and get the hobgoblins in your head to shut the f--k up.

Plus, it's officially exercise, even if you accidentally enjoy yourself!

2. To Freshen Things Up, Go Backwards! 

I don't mean literally walk backwards for miles and miles, unless you are fond of falling on your keister and making a spectacle of yourself. (Though I actually DO recommend walking and running backwards for shorter durations--you still look like an ass but it's a great cross-training trick).

What I mean is if you are a creature of habit like I am, you may have a generally preferred route for your ambulations.  Taking even a slightly different route or simply reversing directions changes your perspective and all of a sudden you see things you didn't see before.

Duh, right?

I didn't take out the cameraphone until I'd already passed a bunch of things I'd never noticed before, but all three of these pictures are things I didn't see quite the same way, or at all, from the other direction.

3. Leaving "Home" Makes You Appreciate it More

When I've just gotten back from an excursion, my head tends to stay in "tourist" mode for a while and I look at familiar things with a slightly different perspective.  I think this is part of the reason the Lobster and I live such a weird peripatetic lifestyle, shifting coasts and taking off on adventures all the time. Changing up our environment seems to keep us more present wherever we find ourselves.

It does mean, however, there are inconveniences and stress that go along with travel and transitions. Our work life is more complicated and sometimes compromised, and we miss out on some of the joys that come with stability, rootedness, and consistency.  We don't see as much of our friends and family as we would if we'd stay the hell in the same place for longer than a few months.  And we've chosen to be both childless and pet-less, which sucks sometimes.

These are tradeoffs that wouldn't be worth it for everyone, especially sane people.  But I ain't one, and I gotta say it sometimes makes my life seem like a walk in the park.

Thoughts on roamin' vs homin'? Or walking as exercise? Or on how sucky the gym sounds sometimes and whether you go anyway or bail and do you feel guilty or can you rationalize the hell out of it like Crabby just did?

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