What Doesn't Suck about Being Sick

By Crabby McSlacker

So this is just a quick post because, on day 3 of The Virulent Virus Adventure, I still feel like crap. And, as Beginning Anew predicted in the comments to the last cold vs flu post, this has me royally pissed off.  Somehow, two days seems like the max to have to deal with the full force of a virus.

But anyway, I didn't want this to be just another catalog of my woes.

(Although may I mention that the catalog has been updated? It now includes a impressively fierce sore throat, one that accessorizes nicely with the cough and the fuzzy head and the 12-ton anvil sitting on my chest. Order now, operators are standing by!)

So here is a very quick list of Things that Don't Suck About Being Sick.

1.  People are really nice to you.  

My wife (aka "The Lobster") is out of town on business, still under the weather herself--though she's a few days ahead in the disease trajectory. She's also a suck-it-up superhero. But anyway, I'm on my own here. And the lovely (and often hilarious) comments people have left have really cheered me up!

2.  It's a good opportunity for gratitude and compassion.

If you are generally healthy like I am, and only find yourself felled by illness a few times per decade, there is nothing like spending a few days NOT taking that health for granted to remind you of your good fortune.

And holy crap, does it make one feel compassion for all those with chronic illnesses who wake up every day with pain or fatigue or discomfort.

It's one thing to understand intellectually that other people suffer, it's another to get a more immersive experience.  I also know that what I'm dealing with is only a tiny fraction as miserable as what many experience on an ongoing basis.  It's pretty sobering to think about.

3.  It's a chance to step out of normal routines, take it easy, and do things differently.

And ok, some of those "different" things you're doing may not be all that worth cherishing.  Unless you're actually enjoy swallowing foul medicines and sleeping sitting up.

But, at least for many of us (in particular, those without primary child-care responsibilities or unforgiving inflexible work situations), it's a chance to chill and take a break from our normal obligations.

Whether it's enjoying a cough-suppressing bar of dark chocolate for breakfast, skipping the HIIT and the weights with no guilt, or reacquainting oneself with the pleasure of a good book, being ill reminds you that the world doesn't actually stop turning if you stop "doing" for a little while.

And now, for a time sensitive matter:

Free Webinar Today!

Listen to Crabby's Favorite Zen/Neuroscience Geek-Guru Rick Hanson!  He is featured on a free webinar today, at 2pm pacific/5 pm east coast time. It's entitled: Happiness and Neuroplasticity: Simple Strategies for Rewiring Your Brain.

You can sign up at NICABM-- which you can tell is a scholarly site because who else but geeks would think NICABM would make a catchy acronym?

And there may be more upcoming on the blog about his excellent new book, Hardwiring Happiness, as this lovely virus is at last giving me the chance to finish it!

Thanks everyone so much for putting up with my whining... you guys rock!

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