Weekend Workout!

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By Crabby McSlacker

This Friday's links have a workout theme!  Until they kinda don't anymore. But whatever. Consistency is not a strong point here in Crankyland.

Like last week, there will also be some more "blog chat" in which I yammer on about nothing in particular.

So are you all warmed up and ready to get crackin'?

Workin' It Weekend Links:

Flow Chart!
First up, are you having trouble even deciding on what sort of workout to do?  The Fit Bottomed Girls have a helpful flowchart to help you decide.

Note: You'll probably have better luck reading the fine print over at their site.

And speaking of the FBG's... they've got what looks to be a great new book coming out.  You can check it out and pre-order The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet book.... and even win cool stuff by spreading the word via their Anti-Diet challenge.

Star Wars!

Next up, over at Nerd Fitness you can find an awesome Star Wars Workout.

(photo: J. D. Hancock)

And it's not just an excuse for Star Wars Nerds to geek out over old cherished memories, it really does look to be a kick-ass routine with lots of options for beginners through hard-core fitness freaks.

For another butt-busting option, the most awesome Yum Yucky has a speed-rope and kettlebell workout that looks mighty fierce, and she is ALWAYS entertaining.  When you're done be sure to have a couple of Cake-Kabobs, you earned 'em.

And hanging out at Yum Yucky's has led me to become a stalker of Gigi Eats Celebrities! The two gals did a New Years Resolution video together and if you're not following both of 'em you better fix that ASAP.

Don't Neglect your Grip Strength and Digital Dexterity:

Finally, for a touchpad or mouse-based workout, if you're on a PC (may not work on tablets of phones), check out one of the suggestions mentioned on the video below. Google "Atari Breakout" then click on google images and... enjoy!  (And thanks, Midlife Mom!)

The Rambling Part

On Other People Being Assholes:  So I'm guessing you guys have already seen the rather amazing Beagle Sneakily Snarfing Up Chicken Nuggets video, as it made the Facebook rounds and is totally worth checking out:

But what got to me was: I first saw it via Gawker.  And I couldn't help but be horrified at the comments on the video.  Did they marvel at the awesomeness of the Clever Canine Conniving captured therein? No! Instead they made snarky remarks about the kitchen decor, the fact that people eat chicken nuggets, the placement of the microwave etc, etc.

This made me SO F--CKING GLAD that we have the nicest commenters on the planet here at Cranky Fitness! Mean people are just lame.

Coming Up... Not only are we endeavoring to feature The Least Sucky Guest Posts of Any Health and Fitness Blog Ever, we've got some great mini-interviews coming up. I'm planning to ask Three Annoying Questions to various bloggers I admire, and seriously, these are REALLY annoying. It will probably run every other Tuesday, but with my organizational abilities.... who knows?

Coming this week will be Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment--stay tuned!

Those of you who have blogs may have discovered that one huge hassle about getting outside submissions is the pain-in-the-ass reformatting that must take place. Were it not for Starving Bitch's behind the scenes heroics, I would be way too lazy to embark on expanding the posts here to include so many people other than myself, and we'd be sitting here twiddling our thumbs at once or twice a week again. So thanks, Starving Bitch!

And again, hats off to plucky Cranketeers who pop in to greet guests, to chat with each other, and to offer kind words.  I'm still reading and smiling at every comment, and replying to some as the spirit moves me.

Any thoughts? And what have y'all got on tap for this weekend?

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