Waitin' for the Coffee to Kick In

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Anyone else feeling a bit slow this fine Friday?  It's a good thing Research Nancy found some health benefits of coffee yesterday because I am definitely snorfing up a big ol' pot of it this morning. If anyone else is spinning their wheels a bit, how 'bout distracting yourself with a few random links before getting down to business?

And an update for those of you who have been kind enough to inquire: Actually, I'm feeling much, much better in these last couple of days! I've gotten back 90% of my energy, ditched the headaches, and reduced the coughing considerably.

However, my lungs still seem to have a fair amount of muck in there and it still hurts like hell when I do cough.  Which means I feel like have to take a pass on cardio, other than walking around, until normal respiratory function resumes.  This is not a wonderful as it sounds!  I get kinda cranky when I can't run around a little.

I'll give it through the weekend to improve, then it might be time to check in with an actual physician. And as to the cold vs flu question: I'm firmly convinced flu. Because otherwise I'd feel like a total ass for dragging this out so long.

(On the plus side: my voice is kinda low and sexy now! I think if I were ever gonna try to cover any Melissa Etheridge tunes on a wild night at karaoke, this would be my week).

Somebody Bring Me Some Water! And some Mucinex and Advil and tea...
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Anyway, on with the show!

Cool Giveaways, Score Free Stuff!

Jody at Truth2BeingFit has a Core Power giveaway pack that's got all kinds of cool items, check it out:

And over at Joyce Cherrier's blog, you can score a JawBone Up Activity Band!

Your chances look good, as neither of these is the "yeah right" kind of giveaway with hundreds of eager entrants.

But note: YOU HAVE TO ACT FAST on the JawBone Up: deadline is tonight.

FitBloggin' Conference Registration Opens Up Tomorrow

Any other bloggers out there thinking of going to FitBloggin' 2014? It's June 26-29th in Savannah.

I've never gone to a blog conference before, but I've decided this is the year! So I will be attending...though I don't know if this makes the event more or less appealing if you're considering it.

Food Blog Comment Rage:

I mentioned this on Facebook, for all two of you who actually see posts that appear there, but again, I really enjoyed Shauna's Reid's blog post on the crazy-making way people comment on food blogger's recipes.  And yet again, it makes me so grateful for the kind and sensible Cranketeers!

Weirdly Poignant Mirrors:

This has nothing to do with fitness, and got picked up by HuffPo so many of you have probably seen it already, but there is a blog devoted in its entirety to pictures of mirrors found on Craigslist.


And... it's pretty cool if you like that sort of thing. Which, unbeknownst to myself, I turns out I do.

Weight Tracking App with Attitude:

While I wouldn't want one myself, this app cracked me up:

This Week in Weird Web Searches

And finally... I couldn't translate the query from whatever foreign language it was written in, but apparently someone used google images to find my blog via this shot:

How weird is it to discover someone has googled your ass? (Note: copying the photo again off the up to my ass in whey powder post seems to have degraded it in some weird way. Now it looks like I'd literally been sitting around in a pile of whey, leaving much of it stuck to my rear.  Sigh.)

How's your Friday going? Any thoughts on anything or plans for the weekend?

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