Three Annoying Questions...For Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment

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By Crabby McSlacker

This is the first in a series of "3 Annoying Questions" posts, designed to torture the bloggers and health experts who most inspire us!

The questions may vary, but I will probably always ask, in some form, what people hate about healthy living. This is Cranky Fitness after all.

But otherwise, it's pretty darn self-explanatory.  So shall we get to it?

Anyone who's a regular around here knows how much I admire Charlotte--she is hilarious, honest, warm, generous, a brilliant writer, and should be world famous by now. (Though actually she could be already; I don't get out much).  Besides her awesome blog The Great Fitness Experiment, she also has a funny and informative book, The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying Everything, and she writes for numerous impressive magazines and websites.  And also manages to raise a big adorable family as well as accomplish all kinds of other things.

The gal is admirably flexible.

Image from The Great Fitness Experiment

And so, on with the questions!

What aspect of fitness and healthy living do you hate the most?

I love fitness and healthy living but the thing I hate the most about the industry is how many "experts" there are, and each one is convinced that there is only one right way to do things - their way! I believe each person should b a scientist of their own body and find what works for them. I think we forget too often that our main goal in life should -to be happy, kind people and that skinny thighs have nothing to do with that.

Okay and I also hate chia seed pudding. I know it's "A Thing" but it has the consistency of chunky snot and it reminds me of the time my third son got a Lego stuck up his nose and the nurse told me to plug the other nostril, cover his mouth with mine and then blow as hard as I could. The Lego came flying out! As did a ton of snot...which went right up my nose, in my mouth and my eyes. Neither of us have ever been the same since. But it did save me a trip to the doctor so I guess it was worth it?

What is the most alarming search term that has led people to your blog?

You know I'm not sure! I stopped looking at all that stat stuff years ago (made me nuts) but since my website URL literally has "sex" in it, I'm guessing it has something to do with that! I do get a lot of comments from people looking for fitness porn- and I imagine they are horribly disappointed when they get to my site!

You've mentioned that you are a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Has this caused complications for any fitness activities or led to any clueless reactions from readers? Or if this question is too sensitive, can I ask one of your husband's other wives?

This question made me snort giggle! I kinda wish there was another wife, if only to help with the monotony of childcare. Right now though the only other "woman" is my cat and she's terrible at laundry.

As for being LDS, I usually only get two types of comments: People asking me if I know Mitt Romney or Napoleon Dynamite (no and I wish) or if my underwear is really magic (it's not but it often gets mistaken for Spanx in the locker room).  As for the complications, since I choose to follow our dietary code and not drink alcohol, tea or coffee that means I'm out for all those wine-tasting trips health bloggers get offered! Why does no one ever offer me a tour of a hot chocolate orchard?!

Thanks to Charlotte for being a good sport! Any questions you've always wanted to ask your favorite fitness bloggers?

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