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By Crabby McSlacker

So there is absolutely no theme this week...unless "how the hell did it get to be Friday already?" can be said to be a theme.

But y'all have been so patient with the coughing and sputtering engines as I try to crank up the Cranky again--I sure appreciate your continuing to hang out and comment! Especially with more posts and my more sporadic and belated replying. I am queen of going back and replying to comments long after no one cares anymore. I'm super efficient that way.

Anyway, how 'bout a bunch of random links to start your friday with?

By Way of Apology for My Obnoxious Sunshiney San Diego Biking Post:

Here's something for all of you in winterier climates. (And what do you mean, stupid red squiggles-- winterier sure should be a word.)

Check out the adorable hats that Shelley of My Journey to Fit is now knitting for folks.

I hope she sells bunches of 'em. There is something so damn cool about people making beautiful things by hand.  Note: they even have little holes for pony-tails!

Retro Diet Commercials:

Photo: Swiped from wherever blisstree got it and hopefully old enough not to get me in trouble.

The fine folks at Blisstree alerted me to a great and horribly addictive new time suck--watching vintage ads on youtube!  The post theme is diet ads, but that doesn't mean once you're on youtube you can't keep going from there... and going, and going, and going. Sigh.

Where Have I Been?
Further evidence Cranky Fitness needs to get out more, is my ignorance of Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, a website with a crapload of health and fitness info, including resources like recipes.  For example, if you are a runner and trying to suck it up and do the Foam Rolling thing, they did a good job demystifying it. (Thanks Midlife Mom!)

Gluten-free Grain-free Cornbread? With no Corn?
Lyn at Escape from Obesity found and modified a paleo recipe, reducing the honey and making it less coconutty--a change of which I heartiliy approve. Because some things shouldn't taste too much like coconut and cornbread is one of 'em! She says it tastes great and even her kids are cool with it!

Consciousness After Death?

I love stuff like this: smart scientists who say things I don't understand, but that allow me to feel more optimistic about the possibility that my Cranky Consciousness might live on to gripe about things in other universes for all eternity.  Whether these biocentrism theories about consciousness are true or not, I feel way less gripey in this universe thinking that it's even a possibility. (via Deb Roby's FB page).

Horrible Valentine Cards

Where else but from the Oatmeal?

Looking for Something?
So when I asked Charlotte Hilton Anderson Three Annoying Questions, (which she of course answered in a very entertaining fashion) I had one about search terms.  See, I forgot that other bloggers don't all sit there wasting time giggling over the google queries people use to find them. But I do! My fave this week:

"not pooping on weight watchers."

And then I discovered a couple people googled in looking for time management tips, which is kinda hilarious in itself, given I have absolutely no ability to get anything done, but you know what I discovered? It actually wrote a pretty good post on the subject that I don't feel embarrassed to recommend! Even if it was secretly an excuse to share leftover summer vacation photos.

So check out these Time Management Tips for the Self-Employed, complete with...


Still time to Win!

Don't forget to enter the minimalist shoe giveaway if you haven't yet. Your chances are still excellent!

Anything you'd like to see more (or less) of on Cranky Fitness? Any thoughts about anything at all on this fine friday? 

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