I am constantly inspired by a woman named Lindsay Matway.  This morning I read the following post she made and was recharged to stay focused on my goals.  I tend to be a person who has so much to do and so many things  I want to do that nothing!  LOL!!!  I will say, however, that having a baby has really forced me to get the led out of my drawers and use my time wisely.  (I truly had no idea that I was such a dilly-dally-er!!!)  I need motivation and I need to be inspired just as much as I hope to inspire others.  Thanks Lindsay for what you shared today!
"There are a million distractions all around you, trying to pull your attention away from the tasks that move you closer to your goal… One of the things I PRIDE myself on most is being able to put on BLINDERS and STAY FOCUSED on what drives me forward.
You want to achieve something you have never achieved before?
- STAY AWAY from drama/debates
- STAY AWAY from scrolling the FB News Feed/cyber stalking, lol.
- MAKE A TO DO LIST and do NOT divert your attention until everything is complete.
- Set specific times to accomplish specific tasks
- DO NOT be a SLAVE to your INBOX
- EAT THAT FROG (Do the thing you avoid MOST, FIRST!)
- Ask yourself MULTIPLE times per day - "Is this the BEST use of my time right now?"
REMEMBER to post reminders to yourself {in as many different places as possible} of what your goal is and WHY it is important for you to achieve it! It will serve as a CONSTANT reminder to why you are willing to make those short term sacrifices to achieve the long term RESULT!"

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