Happy 2014!

Hope you all had an outrageously pleasant end to 2013, and are off doing wholesome healthy virtuous fun things today!

On the theory that sitting in front of a computer is not the best way to greet the new year, I'll wait 'til tomorrow to reprise the monthly New Year's Resolution/Goals/Check-in Thing for 2014. But I can't wait to hear what you all are up to.

However, fortunately not all fitness bloggers are as lazy as I am, and if you like to greet your new year with a bit of inspiration:

Our pal Jody has a great reminder about the importance of laughter over at Truth to Being Fit;

And a clever trick for optimal use and recycling of gratitude gets two different takes, one from MizFit, and one from the bluntly honest and unapologetically foul-mouthed Starving Bitch who has had a hella tough year;

And Happiness Savored Hot has a thoughtful compilation of advice gleaned from 2013, some of which might be quite useful going forward!

Well, unless zombies attack and meteors destroy the earth in 2014, in which case you'd probably be better off just enjoying a WTF spree of sloth and impulsive spending and overindulgence in all manner of things.  Totally your call.

Have a Happy New Year and see y'all soon!

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