Goal Support... and Again With The New Years Resolutions

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Not everyone does the New Years Resolution thing, and if you don't, please forgive my blathering on about them again this year. In fact, fewer and fewer people are bothering to make resolutions these days. Are people getting more realistic about behavior change, or just lazier?

But some of you may have goals, plans, hopes, or dreams for the future, and may also have at least a vague intention of moving towards your ideals rather than hurtling along at warp speed in the totally wrong freakin' direction.

And a fresh new calendar year seems as good a time as any, right, to reflect, prioritize, and try to be a little less clueless about getting what we want?

The Hell With Common Sense, Bring on the Unicorns!

Well  sure, I too used to bemoan the arbitrariness of it all, and laugh at the flagrantly delusional thinking involved. But as I've gotten older I've learned to embrace delusional thinking, and I am way way happier as a result. Screw "logic" and "truth." Totally over-rated!

So heck, lets bring on the wild promises and outlandish pronouncements for the coming year, shall we?

Goal Support Throughout the Year

But wait... a year is a long time!

And mere wishful thinking on January 1 is rarely enough to sustain a year's worth of Virtuous Behavior and Determination.

That's why at Cranky Fitness, we've been taking our goals a month at a time, shifting priorities and approaches as necessary, and offering each other support in the comments section.  Sometimes there is a giveaway involved, and sometimes not, but those lovely readers who reply to other peoples comments and offer advice and encouragement and absolution for screw-ups?

There is a special place in Cranky Heaven for them!

(And be assured, cupcakes and cookies and nachos and pizza and cheeseburgers have no calories whatsoever in Cranky Heaven.)

Are All New Years Resolutions Doomed?

Holy Crap, only 8% of people achieve their New Year's resolutions?!?

That's the figure, according to a study by folks at the University of Scranton. Though the source is something called "statisticsbrain," which is good enough for Forbes, and yet does not have reassuring dates or links so I confess I'm somewhat distrustful.

But whatever, I think it's safe to assume that resolution-keepers make up a pathetically small segment of the population so you don't have to feel the least bit crappy about yourself if you struggle too.

What are the most common New Years Resolutions?

From the same source above:

1. Lose Weight

2. Get Organized

3. Spend Less, Save More

4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5. Stay Fit and Healthy

6. Learn Something Exciting

7. Quit Smoking

8. Help Others in Their Dreams

9. Fall in Love

10. Spend More Time with Family

I'll just express a bit of skepticism that "Help Others in Their Dreams" or "Learn Something Exciting" really beat out "Get Enough Sleep." Or "Clean Out the F-cking Garage So We Can Park Our Cars in There Again" or "Spend Less Time on Pinterest/FaceBook/Snapchat/Porn" (depending on age and gender).

Perhaps the Least Disturbing Porn Image Involving Animals Ever Published.
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How to Stick to Your New Years Resolution

The New York Times did a "how to make resolutions stick" research round up post last year, which I probably linked to already but whatever. Feel free to read it for useful tips but I bet you already know this stuff.  It's remarkable similar to the advice I used to give every year, but the Times totally forgot to include the swear words!

Be specific in your goals, arrange your life to make willpower less necessary, track your activities, use supportive resources, remember screwing up is inevitable, blah blah blah.

(And if you're really bored, recycled old Crabby "advice" can be found at:

Got New Year's Resolutions?

#1 Secret to keeping fitness Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Resolutions, Schmezolutions)

Why yes, one of my resolutions for 2014 is to continue to try to write shorter blog posts! However did you guess?

And now on to the best part, the comments!

Anyone got a goal or a progress report for the month or the year?  Or some thoughts on the making of resolutions? I'll meet you below in the comments section!

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