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By Crabby McSlacker

Too Bad Oscar's Long Gone...Wonder What He'd Think about Crossfit?

So for the time being, I'm thinking Friday posts might be a combo of a couple of things:

1. Interesting Things Found Elsewhere 'Round the Web... because Cranky Fitness needs to get out more.


2. Blog Chat... 'Cause there's nothing more exciting, right, than a blogger blogging about blogging? But it's a blogger's favorite form of self-indulgence, or at least it's mine.  And especially with changes a comin,' I'm feeling compelled to blather a bit.

Saving the best for last, let's start with:

Blog Chat!
image (before brutal cropping): UpNorth Memories 

Not Quite Yet Introducing: Team Cranky!

You may be thinking these supposed blog helpers are mythical, because I'm taking forever to actually figure out how it's gonna work and get more stuff going with the awesome Team Cranky.

However, the top-secret Swearing In of the Head of the Research Department, Nancy K, was somehow caught on camera by paparazzi before we could flee!

Note: It only looks like we're posing, those are grimaces of fear, not actual smiles, captured right before we broke out into a run. Nancy is fitter and faster than I am, so she escaped unharmed, but the tabloids are gonna be full of pics of me in partially ripped clothing, tears streaming down my face, cursing their dogged persistence.  Sigh.

But anyway, be assured that while all may look quiet at Cranky Fitness, behind the scenes, emails are flying around, folks have started researching and pondering things and hare-brained schemes are popping into my head at an alarming rate. I can't wait to introduce everyone and get this thing rolling!

And hey did ya notice we're posting more often?  We're aiming for 4-5 a week. And we even had a great guest post this week by the awesome Malevolent Andrea about massage etiquette!  (And I'm so grateful that the spunky and enterprising Starving Bitch is helping with the assembly process so we can keep them coming.)

So bit by bit we're going to be rebuilding the Cranky Empire.  Why? So we Cranketeers can achieve world domination! And with that we shall demand Free Fitness Gear and Fancy Electronic Gizmos and Personal Chefs and Trainers and Hawaiian Adventure Vacations Complete With Umbrella Drinks Mysteriously Devoid of Calories for everyone!  So stand by, loyal regulars, as soon I'll be needing your dietary requirements, shoe sizes, and whether you like window or aisle seats or just prefer to sail your way to Maui on a cruise ship.

But... Am I Screwing It All Up By Spending Less Time on Comment Reply?

I need honesty on this one, even if it's not what I want to hear.  The Cranky Community is THE most awesome thing about this blog and I don't want to lose it. For some bizarre reason, I'm all "yay I have a blog!" this year, and am psyched about writing more and finding more content and reaching more readers and making more connections.  But with more posts, the prospect of replying to each comment gets more daunting, and I honestly don't want it to get mechanical and chore-like.

So is it ok if I get a little less conscientious about comment reply, or will all the treasured loyal regulars wander away? I'm starting to try that a little this week but feel a very nervous about it.

I still will always read every comment, and will try to always reply individually to all the Monthly Goal Post reports, and will pop in and add my own comments to most posts and will reply in a more arbitrary way to some of the comments... but is that enough? Especially as there will be more posts?

Give it to me straight, folks. You guys are the most important thing about this blog and your comments make it the great place I wanna hang out at.

OK, now onto...

Some Cool Things We Stubbed Our Toes On This Week Wandering Around the Web:

(And hey, if you have any links you think we should feature, please send them along!)

First up, an interesting take from Sweat Science on the perennial "are you getting enough protein" debate.  Turns out, it may be more about the "when" and not about the "how much."

Next, a great post over at Fit and Feminist about moving away from the Cult of the Body. Here's a brief quote but there's lots more:

"I’ve seen holy wars break out over Paleo/primal/vegan/fruitarian ways of eating. I’ve seen smugnoms tell people with cancer that they wouldn’t be in this situation had they just avoided meat and processed food. I’ve seen people try to recast cruelty towards fat people as something intended to help them. I’ve seen people who can barely articulate a coherent thought brag about spending three hours a day in the gym. I’ve seen fitness and nutrition professionals basically use their platforms to inflict their disordered lifestyles on thousands of adoring followers. I’ve seen people wield their healthy lifestyles and their fit bodies as clubs with which they beat the heads of lesser mortals who may not have visible abs or who might have boxed food in their pantries."
An inspiring post over at The Tippy Toe Diet, reminding us of the importance of Small Wins, something we are very attached to here at Cranky Fitness. Big Wins take way too much work!

Are you an adventurous hiker? Check out the incredible photos of the trail to the Mt. Huashan Tea House in China and catch the terrifying pictures. And if you're NOT adventurous, it's equally fun to shake your head thinking OMFG NO! the whole time.


And lastly, Leah, a favorite Cranky Commenter and blogger at The Goat's Lunch Pail, found this educational and entertaining update on the 2008 "Engineers Guide to Cats."  It's long but well worth giving it at least a few minutes. And um, as it relates to health and fitness? Regulars know we define that VERY broadly here in Cranky land.

Late-breaking update: don't miss Mizfit's sweet post today, I won't even say what it's about but you'll definitely want to stop by!

Any thoughts on anything this fine Friday? Got any fun plans for the weekend?

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