Clean Eating...for babies!

My little munchkin is growing so fast!  Nearing 6 months we have started introducing solids. When I was pregnant some friends had a baby shower for us and one of the gifts I was given was a Baby Bullet (thank you Leena!)  I was excited at the time but thought it would be forever before I could put it to use, I had no idea the time would go so quickly!!!  This is the best gift ever and I am so grateful that I can make Train's food and know exactly what the ingredients are and what is going into his little body.  If you know someone who is having a baby and want to get them a gift, this is a great one!  They can save money by not having to buy jar food but most of all they can feed their babies  healthy, nutritious, chemical free food right from the start.
So, in addition to our food prep I now include baby food prep. 

Yummy avocado was on the menu today! Chock full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, it is a wonderful super food for a developing baby!  It literally took me like two minutes to make up 6 containers and the only ingredients are avocado and water, pure and simple!  You can't beat that!
Train awaiting meal time! 
(Daddy and Noni were with him here - he is not unattended in his Bumbo!) 
Update:  The avocado got some funny looks for sure!  A lot of grimacing and some spitting out but he opened his mouth for more anyway!  Such a sweet and polite little boy!!!  We'll try some more tomorrow, he had the same reaction to rice cereal and now he LOVES it!
Here is his first meal of rice cereal who knew that something so plain could cause full body convulsions???

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