Beginner's Workout Routine!

This week's guest post was by special request, how cool is that?  It's meant to be short and practical, just like the awesome Beginners Workout it features.

People often google in to Cranky Fitness looking for help getting started working out, and yet they tend to land on an ancient post that tells them how not to get on my nerves at the gym. Which is perhaps not really what they had in mind.

So I asked Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Dave Smith to bring us a no-equipment series of exercises for people who want to get strong and fit but are new at it and a bit overwhelmed by all the complicated options out there.

You may recall that Dave was the most reliable regular back when we had an "Ask the Personal Trainer" column, so it's great to hear from him again! And btw, I have heard great reviews of his program from Cranketeers who have signed up in the past.

Thanks Dave!


What's a simple beginner's routine for someone just starting off?

This time of year many people are feeling motivated to start into a new fitness routine. While motivation is high, success rates usually are not. Too many beginners set their sights on unrealistic goals and burn out long before they see any physical results.

So, forget the crazy workout resolutions ("I will exercise for an hour every day in 2014!" just isn't going to happen!) and instead adopt a manageable routine that will help you get some good results. Here's a plan that is quick, well-rounded, and can be done anywhere (yes, even while watching TV):

The Workout:

As you just saw, this beginner's routine is based on the "6 Primal Movements" that make up all other exercises. These will jump-start your metabolism and provide muscle strength and tone for your whole body.

Push-Ups: 10-20 reps

Supine Rows: 10-20 reps

Squats:  20 reps

Lunges: 10 reps per leg

Forward Bend: Hold for 30 seconds

Russian Twists: 20 reps

These six moves form one complete circuit.  Take a quick water break after your first circuit and then get right back at it for a second round. Doing two full circuits will offer a good challenge for a beginner exerciser and the entire workout can be done in about 20 minutes.

Dave Smith is a personal trainer who's all about Exercise Efficiency and teaches people how to maximize their fitness results using body weight exercises. You can learn more about Dave's fitness philosophies and training methods at .

Do you guys have a basic simple routine you use when no equipment is available? What would you advise a beginner?

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