Help Wanted: Join Team Cranky!

Would any sane person want to join a health blog known for its crappy attitude, half-assed research, endless digressions, and gratuitous cursing?

Let's find out!

Here's the thing: I'm planning to put a little more energy into the blog in 2014, and it would be awesome to have a Cranky-Compatible co-conspirator or two.

This is a total long shot, I realize, but what the hell.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I have promised myself I will NOT let myself feel like a total ass if I put this out there and nothing comes of it and I continue to soldier on solo.

More on what I'm looking for below, but a quick note: writing conventional blog posts is not necessarily required!

Though of course finding a writer with a compatible voice and outlook who wanted to contribute blog posts, or heck, videos or cartoons or whatever... that would be lovely. But I'd be especially excited to find someone willing to provide ongoing help with social media, networking and community-building, stealth-marketing, and possibly even graphic design and website tweaks.


Um... er...

Let's just say the financial compensation is of a hypothetical and somewhat speculative nature. But there is some modest potential revenue if all goes well, plus intriguing benefits! More on that below.

I'm hoping a Cranky Fitness reader might either be interested, or know someone who might be interested, or have a friend of a friend who might be intrigued even if they are not already familiar with the blog.

That's right, "Cranky Fitness."  Let's just say it could really use some help.

Who Wants to Help Me Grow This Thang?

It might surprise some of you that Cranky Fitness actually has a pretty decent google page rank, gets a respectable number of visitors, and, inexplicably, seems to be considered some sort of fitness social media "influencer." The blog fields bazillions of breathless PR inquiries daily, appears sometimes on best-fitness-blog type lists, and has even gotten mainstream media mentions back in the day.

But it's been a bit neglected of late.  It still has great potential, but, alas, it has become a bit of a fixer-upper that could use some fresh ideas and energy.

Wouldn't it be fun to help transform and spiff it up and help bring in more folks and more features and breathe some new life into it?

...And Hey, Grow Your Own Audience, Cause, or Business in the Process!

Cranky Fitness could be a useful platform for a writer, a marketing person, a graphic artist, a virtual personal assistant, or simply someone with lots of opinions who is tired of sharing them with just a significant other or household pet.

Seriously, again about the damn transfats and preservatives?
photo: jamelah

Yet the hassles and frustrations of starting your own blog, waiting for readers to find you, waiting a little longer for readers to find you, still waiting for readers to find you... it might seem like a daunting prospect.

Instead, you could take a shortcut and be part of something that already has some readers!

And being part of Team Cranky could help someone with a website or business that could use a little more publicity.

If you are a regular contributor, you will get a link on the home page and an "about" page of your very own with whatever you want on it. Plus, you can sometimes mention your own business or endeavors in Cranky Fitness posts or tweets or pins or whatever. (As long as you are not a total sleaze about doing it incessantly or in a tacky manner).

Plus You Can Score Free Products!

One nice thing about being associated with a blog that's been around a while? Product reviews!  I turn down lots of them, some of which might be stuff you might like to try yourself and write about ,like workout wear or new healthy convenience foods or shoes or other fitness innovations.

Gosh, just think of the exciting possibilities!
Can you believe I turned this one down?

And Maybe Even Make Some Cash?

If someone were able to help me grow the blog's audience and better monetize it (in a way that does not annoy regular readers or jeopardize google page rank), there could be some revenue sharing opportunities.  I tend to "think small" (which is perhaps part of my marketing problem) so I won't claim this is likely to be huge. However, for someone with imagination and some marketing savvy, or just a lot of enthusiasm and persistence, there is actually some reasonable potential here.

The Kind of Person I am Looking For Might Have Some or All of These Qualities:
  • A Sense of Humor
  • Social-Media Savvy or Willingness to Go Get Some
  • Bravery in the Face of New Web Innovations and Technology
  • Under-Employment or Other Circumstance That Leads to Having Free Time
  • Comfort With, or at least Curiosity about, Marketing and Community-Building
  • Willingness to be part of the Quirky "Cranky Fitness" Brand, and do Outreach on Its Behalf
  • An Interest in, Opinions about, or even Vehement Opposition to, Health and Fitness and Personal Growth.

Here's The Specific Stuff I'd Love to Get Assistance With:

1. Blog Help:  Additional content would be awesome! But it doesn't have to be a long-ass blog posts like this one. (And I'm going to try to get shorter and more frequent myself).  Maybe also helping out with link round-up type posts, reviews and giveaways, guest posts etc. if that sounds appealing.

While I still want to be very present in the Comments section on some posts, for others it would be nice to have someone popping down there and letting people know their comments are always read and appreciated. (I LOVE the reading part, it's attempting to respond individually to too many comments that I need to rethink if I want to post more often).

2. Social Media Help:  Visiting and commenting on other websites on behalf of Cranky Fitness, tweeting for it, pinning, google plus, instagramming FB'ing etc.  Some of these are set up and some I could use help with and some I don't even know exist because I am Old. Some of the content would be passed on from me and some would be all yours!

3. Marketing and Networking Help:  I have the feeling there are some "win-win" opportunities out there in terms of promotion and outreach which I have been crappy about discovering. Plus there are many awesome blog and websites out there to visit, link to, and cultivate relationships with; it would be great to get that going again.

4. Shiny Things!  Graphics, Video, Banners, Website stuff: this would be a fun area to explore if someone happened to be good at any of it.

Technical Note: the current blog platform is Blogger; I won't rule out moving to Wordpress at some point but it probably ain't happening without considerable help.

Want more info? Feel free to email or ask questions in the comment section!

Anyone else have a "need help" networking situation they'd like to alert other Cranketeers to? Let's put our heads together! 

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