What do you want?

When I was growing up and I didn't do something that I said I would do, or should have done, my mom would always say, "Well, you get done what's important to you."  Ugh!  It made me so mad, and you know why????  BECAUSE SHE WAS RIGHT!!!  Oh, those mothers and their rightness!  It made me upset because it put all the responsibility on me for my actions and made me take a good hard look at my priorities (how dare her do that to me!  Lol!!!)  The truth is IF something is really important to me, I WILL make time to get it done.  Even if it's a crazy day with no time to spare, I will get it done if it means enough to me.  Everyone chooses what they will accomplish in a day and we all face a lot of the same obstacles.  Do you really think that all the people who make it to the gym after work, and family life and everything else aren't tired, just like you??? 
What are your priorities?  What do you want? 
What will you do today? 
(This post is dedicated to...ME and all my excuses!)

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