Have Phone, Will Travel

Happy Veterans' Day! We are all totally grateful and everything to any of you out there who have served, even though this post is not really about that.

Instead it's time for one of those "I've been on the road" camera-phone dumps, yay! (With perhaps a token nod towards health and fitness along the way).

But how about I skip the usual apology paragraph? We've already established I'm an unskilled photographer using sub-par equipment and this is just a meandering blog, not a slick fitness magazine.  Let's pretend it's all on purpose and it's "gritty" or "authentic" or something. Like back when they first started using weird angles and shaky handheld cameras in art films. The fact you couldn't make out what was happening very well was part of the atmosphere, right?

And speaking of gratuitous weird angles...  how about an awkward segue to the first part of our journey?

Leaving Provincetown

It's always tough to head off, as we will miss our sunset walks on the jetty, trail runs, bike path, and Tea Dances.  (See, that's about fitness!)

'Bye Ptown! 

But Hello, New York!

Just in case you'd finally managed to rid yourself of the Green Acres earworm from the recent healthy city living post, let's reprise with...

The Chores!

Fortunately for me, I didn't have many. It was my go-getter wife who was Conferencing.  I got a little studying in before the health coach exam thingy, but discovered that the internet would only allow reading, not posting, which, after some whining and stomping and venting, actually worked out great.  After the test, I pretty much closed up the laptop guilt free and hit the town!

My High-Tech Stand Up Workstation
(And yes, that IS a trashcan).

The Stores:

For me this time it was just window shopping, as prices are not cheap in NYC, but at least they have interesting windows.

Perhaps in my next life.

What's that stuff all over the floor?
I will just leaf it to your imagination

This friendly creature sold expensive things that smelled nice.
I said I'd come back later but I was lying. 

Fresh Air!

The High Line and Central Park make for some nice strolling opportunities, which is also a fitnessy thing...

Times Square!

This is only one blurry corner of the countless blocks of brightness; seems like much more acreage than I remembered!  But by the time I wandered to the most blindingly amazing/appalling/awesome parts of the area I was out of camera batteries.

And leaving Eddie Arnold and Eva Gabor behind, let's see, there were also some buildings...

And Art...

Of all kinds!

Oh, and The 9-11 Memorial is as moving and sobering as you'd expect; not something I could capture on camera.

You just have to stand there yourself and watch the water plunging down, down, down into the unseen.

Leaving Ptown Yet Again:

Yeah, couldn't help it, we were back for a weekend to pack up and I had to wander out one more time and capture the light on my favorite walk. This is the only reasonable crisp photo in this entire assemblage so I'm gonna make it bigger and you might even want to click.

And we got a second chance at Halloween watching folks go to the annual Beaux Arts ball.

We were also in the Village for New York's Halloween parade, and saw many awesome costumes! But I will spare you the pitiful blurry evidence.

So then it was time to head west, but on the way back to San Diego, we stopped in...

Frisco, Texas!

I have to confess my favorite thing about Frisco, Texas, was discovering the awesomeness that is Homewood Suites.

Now I want to be a Homewood Suites Ambassador! Um, should they need a foul-mouthed wrinkly middle-aged health blogger to extoll their virtues in exchange for freebies. I loved it there!

They had a huge free all-you-could-eat breakfast that had lots of fruit, (and some days veggies; I also bought some spinach to supplement) eggs, whole grain things, plus a FREE DINNER monday-thursday that INCLUDED UNLIMITED (FREE!) BEER ON TAP AND WINE!

Plus a free shuttle to most places you'd want to go in Frisco, ginormous two room suites which felt very plush and had a kitchen with a full sized fridge. Weirdly, it was less expensive than most normal hotels.  And the people were friendly and bent over backwards to make sure everything was consistently wonderful. For example, I received a free gift bag full or random items from the snack shop when they were a bit late picking me up in the shuttle. How adorable is that?

And there was a hot tub and a pool...

Which I actually used!

Note: I almost never don a swimsuit and go paddling around in a pool voluntarily, so I had to take photographic evidence, at least of the swimsuit part.

I also used the fitness center quite a bit (always empty, which is not a bad thing) and did some hotel-room yoga thanks to the generously comped My Yoga Online subscription. (See, Homewood Suites people? If you adopt me and let me stay places for free, I will be nice to you in return and remind people about you all the time!)

Oh and addition to the indoor fitness center, they also had a workout playgroundy thing:

Though there was a little problem with the execution on the back extension station...

I was so thrilled to see it I even tried to wedge myself in there but couldn't clear the hedge.  Which had thorns in it.


And please excuse the bizarrely enthusiastic (uncomped) hotel review. It's just after the "Dream" hotel in NY (where there wasn't even a coffee maker or ice machine and the room was the size of a refrigerator box), it felt so gloriously opulent I couldn't shut up about it. The Lobster has been informed that should she want a little company in Frisco on her frequent business trips, the Homewood is gonna up her chances considerably.

Well, that's about it...

Oh, except I'm probably not the first to observe that there are some Really Huge Dicks in Texas!

What have you guys been up to while I've been on the road? I missed y'all!

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