What changes would you like to make for your health's sake?

Having a baby really does change how you see things!  We naturally want better for our kids than for ourselves.  Although I am personally always trying to make wise choices for my own health, having our son has taken that desire to a whole other level!  It just makes me cringe when I think about Train eating some of the things that I eat!  There is no way that I could knowingly harm his precious little body by putting pesticides and chemicals in it, but the change starts with me!

I read an interesting article today called "20 Fake Food Ingredients You Should Avoid"  (If you're interested in reading it you can find it here -> http://www.realfarmacy.com/20-fake-food-ingredients-that-you-should-avoid/ They go into detail about what everything is, where you find it and what it does to your body.)
Obviously, strictly eating clean is how you avoid ALL things that would be harmful to your body but if you can't commit to avoiding everything all at once try choosing one or two things to cut out at a time. 
Our goal is to start consistently buying organic meats and produce (not just when on sale) and avoiding things with Aspartame. 
It is a shame that Organic items tend to cost more money but...
If you have small children, Presidents Choice offers a great organic line that is kept at a comparable price to non-organic lines.
As far as Aspartame goes, we drink a lot of diet soda's in our house and although they are a great way to go to cut out calories...
My point...The diet pop has got go!
What changes would you like to make for your health's sake?

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