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Last night was pizza night.  Not healthy, veggie covered pizza on whole wheat crust...real pizza in all its greasy goodness.  (Hello Pizza Hut!!!)  I ate till I was as stuffed as the stuffed crust and you know what...I have no regrets!!!  I used to be so all or nothing and if I ate one thing I shouldn't have I thought that I had ruined everything.  Not true! 
We have been eating great in our house lately.  Clean, delicious foods that are fuelling our bodies and helping us reach our goals.  On top of this I have been working out and walking and these are the reasons that I was able to enjoy my pizza, guilt free!  Do not deprive yourselves from a treat now and then!  It will only make you want those foods even more.  Just like touching the hot plate that the waiter just told you not to touch!  We're sick people and we always want to do what we are told (or tell ourselves) not to do. 
I have been taking more time to think before I eat lately.  I have realized that I had fallen into a bad habit of eating without thinking first and I had forgotten that just because I have a craving it does not mean that I have to eat it!  My cravings are not the boss of me!!!
I am in a place now where I am focused on my goals and I want to reach those goals more than I want that cookie, or donut. Stopping to think before I just pick something up mindlessly and eat it allows me time to ask myself, "Will this help me reach my goals?"  Usually the answer is "no" which actually does make it easier for me to say no and not eat that particular item.  Sometimes, however, the answer is "no" but I truly just really, really want it.  I want it so bad that although it's not really helping me, it makes me feel not deprived (which does help) and therefore allows me to keep moving forward happily!

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