Bright Lights, Big City

[Times Square Photo: Francisco Diez]

It's funny, Times Square has to be one of my least favorite New York 'hoods, but I love the way this photo captures the sense of being in certain parts of New York City.

The energy! The ambition! The excitement! The cheerfully wasteful excess as bazillions of kilowatts are unleashed solely to promote mindless consumerism!

Though I'm sorry, if you are a certain age, this location may have tripped a few rusty switches in the memory banks. Massive apologies if I have subjected you to Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert debating country versus city living in one of the most annoying tv theme songs earworms ever. Or is it just me who can't see "Times Square" without hearing:

 "The Chores!"
 "The Stores!"
 "Fresh Air!"
 "Times Square!" ?

(Which then leads to the worst couplet of all:

 "You are my wife..."
   "Goodbye, city life!" 

...but we'll save that rant for another time).

Eva Gabor: Not Exactly a Feminist Icon

Anyway, so what does New York City have to do with health and fitness?

Well, probably a lot of things!

There are tons of opportunities to either embrace or eschew healthy choices in a densely populated urban environment. And it could make for a fascinating discussion with all sorts of intriguing philosophical digressions if some less lazy health blogger wanted to write it.

Pro or con? Discuss.

But really, I'm just mentioning the New York thing because as you read this, assuming the wireless interweb and Amtrak overlords allow, I shall be on a train to The Big Apple!

Yep, my wife has an Important Business Conference and I decided to tag along for the free hotel room, especially since New York has ample testing centers where I can take the stupid freakin Ace Health Coach Certification exam.  Not so true in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Actually, a decade or so ago, pre-blog, we actually got to live in the West Village for a few years. Which was quite an awesome adventure, at least until the heartbreak of 9/11 concluded our stay.

But from personal experience I know it is indeed possible to work out vigorously, run many miles, walk for hours and hours and hours, and eat healthy meals in the City. And you can sometimes even see celebrities doing the same. (Though I will spare you stories about Sandra Bernhard's naked boobs or the contents of Monica Lewinski's shopping cart.)

I also know it is possible to completely overdose on delicious delicacies from all sorts of stores, bakeries, and restaurants whether or not they have become so trendy as to have swipeable photos from their own wikipedia page.

Back in my day, the cupcakes were only $1.50.
Which makes a serving size at least 2, right?

But as to actual useful tips for staying fit in the City, er, sorry, perhaps another time. This is just a quick pre-trip "I'm Not Actually Posting Anything" blog post, which may be followed at some point with some more blurry camera phone pictures, or may not.

This also means the next November goals post could be a bit delayed. But don't forget about the last one and the related yoga giveaway if you haven't had a chance to stop by recently.  I'll be writing up more of an official review soon, now that I've gotten a chance to try it, but spoiler alert:  it's pretty darn nifty. As you may recall, you don't have to be from the U.S. to win for once.

And sorry if I'm late replying to blog comments but do be assured that I ALWAYS find a way to read them should you be kind enough to leave one!

Any thoughts about Urban vs Suburban vs Small Town vs Rural life and its impact on healthy living?  Got any plans for Halloween? Anything you think I shouldn't miss whilst in NYC? And is that Green Acres earworm gone yet?  Ooops...

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