The 3 P's of Eating Healthy

In our experience consistently eating healthy just can't be done without the 3 P's.  Without them it is too easy to let your self get too hungry, which opens the door to all kinds of trouble!  (Don't I know it!!!)  You must have a plan.  Without one you will be apt to grab those easy, processed items that have nothing good to offer you and certainly won't help you reach your goals.
#1 PLAN: 
Once a week, usually over the weekend I sit down and plan out what we will eat for each meal and then grocery shop accordingly.
#2 PREP: 
Sunday is usually my food-prep day.  It is a big job but is so worth it in the long run.  On this day I put chicken in the crock pot, wash and chop veggies, make a pot of rice, bake a pan of protein bars etc.  You want to get everything cooked and ready to eat for easy access throughout the week.  After you've worked all day the last thing you'll feel like doing is preping food before you cook it and that's when you'll settle for something easy that you'll probably regret eating later.
Instead of grabbing those easy store bought prepackaged snacks and meals that are full of preservatives, trans fats and sugar, make your own healthy prepackaged items.  Buy some zip locks or inexpensive plastic ware and portion out your meals and snacks.  In the morning when you're running behind you'll be so happy that you took the time to package things up because you will be able to stick to your meal plan which will in turn help you reach your goals!

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