Game on!

Well baby Train is resting for the moment and I can finally write a much over due Blog Post!  How can someone so little occupy so much of your time? :-)  ...And all the mama's said, "Holla!"  LOL!! 
Seriously, I have tried to just set small goals for myself each day as to not get overwhelmed or push myself, but man, it's hard to accomplish anything with a little one!  Some days I make my goal to get a shower, and I gotta tell you, it doesn't always happen!  (I feel all you mom's nodding your head as you read this!)
So, I am 6 weeks postpartum.  I feel rested and recovered and am ready to get back to working out like I did pre-baby mainly because I want desperately to look like I did pre-baby!  My maternity clothes are too big and my pre-pregnancy clothes are too tight.  Last night A-Train (Train Senior) and I loaded baby Train in his car seat and headed out for dinner.  I squeezed myself into my old skinny jeans and lets just say, they were a little more skinny than I seemed to remember!  We hadn't even got to the restaurant and I had them undone, yes, button and zipper and had apparently complained quite a bit along the way about how uncomfortable I was!  I said "Hunny, remind me to never wear these pants again!"  A- Train smiled at me and said, "And remind me to never travel with you again while you're wearing those pants!" 
Lesson learned!  LOL!

It is a very hard thing to watch your body change during pregnancy.
I mean, did you see me?  My belly was MASSIVE!!

Harder yet, is to see whats left once your precious baby has arrived. (Oh flat abs, where art thou?!) Now, I didn't gain too much extra weight during my pregnancy so I am not left with too much to lose, but I definitely have some to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Also, there is the matter of toning up, (especially my stomach) and regaining muscle which was lost from not maintaining the same weight routine I was accustomed to for several months while pregnant.  I tried to stay active during my pregnancy but to be honest I did not do as much as I had hoped I would and although I ate well, I did indulge in many more treats and cheats than normal!
So, what's my plan?  A-Train has laid out for me my eat clean meal plans and exercise program (gotta love, being married to a personal trainer!) And now, its game on!  And I am ready! 

Some of you have already worked with A-Train to complete meal plans and fitness routines for yourselves and as you know, the key, especially to eating right is having a plan.  You must know what your next meal will be and prepare those foods ahead of time.  We all know what its like when we get too hungry and don't know what to eat!  Things just go awry and we end up regretting that quick meal we settled for that had nothing nutritious to offer us as soon as we eat it and we all know that it is NEVER worth it!
People tend to have a lot of questions about what we eat, what eating clean is all about and how to get started.  If you are looking to make changes to your diet or exercise programs you can contact A-Train any time and set up a time to meet.  

What is your plan?

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