Keeping Fit On the Road (Or Not): Crappy Travel Pictures Part I

Gosh, isn't it wonderful when a health blogger hits the road, and instead of sharing useful information they just slop a bunch of cameraphone pics into a blog post?

Um, well, ok, it's not wonderful, but that's what we got today. No one visits the blog over the weekend anyway, and there's a great guest post coming up next week.

Some of the photos do actually have something to do with health and fitness. But many are just gratuitous selfies and wifeys or are fascinating-to-no-one-but-me aspects of our campervan travel routine. Pretty much all of them highlight the fact I can't focus (literally or figuratively) to save my life.

So, care to join Crabby and The Lobster on Week One of our August Adventure?

Just beefin' up our Vitamin B consumption!

So our first night was spent in the wilds of New Hampshire.

After a surprisingly sound sleep-- which is good for our health, right?-- we emerged from our quarters and ventured into the conveniently located trading post where we discovered exotic brightly colored clothing items. (As well as the expensive RV toilet paper we require). Neither of us were brave enough to "go native" but it was interesting to see the apparel favored by locals.

But, it was time to go do something else healthy besides sleep! So we set off  in search of a pleasant hike.

However we discovered that grave danger lurked ahead:

Undaunted, we decided to brave it.

As it turned out, the hike was easy-peasy and the scariest aspect was the FIFTEEN F*CKING DOLLARS they charged PER PERSON!!!!

But we forked over and had a fine ol' time.

Oh, and here's our Sophisticated Van Security System, arguably a Health and Personal Safety Precaution: We draw all the shades so no one can see in and slap this magnetic bumper sticker on.  

Think we're fooling anyone? 

So I forget exactly where we were when the Lobster (who has just accidentally gotten a full-time job, whoops!) needed to pull over for a conference call, but it was a cute little town with lots of old buildings and I went wandering around for a good long walk. Long walks=fitness!

And then I stopped by a lovely library for some internet... which could have theoretically been healthy had I been trolling for the latest medical research breakthroughs.  Let's just pretend that's what I was doing.

Strange that the library light was so blurry!  Must have been all the dust from those scholarly reference books I was perusing.

The next night we spent in a campground curiously devoid of asphalt and shopping carts.  Natural surroundings:  good for fighting obesity

The Lobster got some work done while I sulked because my computer couldn't get wireless 
meditated and thought Deep and Profound Thoughts.

The best thing was that there was a great dirt road that featured woods and rolling hills and farmland and no traffic and it made for an awesome run. One on which I didn't take my phone so use your imagination. The Lobster, who is participating in the Up and Running course, went on a run too before she went back to the "office."

After running I had a tasty healthy breakfast, as depicted in this impressionist work I stayed up all night painting; I feared the stark realism of a sharply focused photograph wouldn't capture the complex "happy breakfast" emotional nuance I meant to convey.

We took a ferry! What makes sitting in a vehicle on a boat more fun than sitting in a vehicle on a road? Who knows. But ferries are fun.

 But then, alas, after a lovely lunchtime walk...

We had to stop here.

We don't drive the van as often as we should, and (here we go, a tortured health analogy!): vans are like people. They need exercise!  If they sit idle too long, they encounter mechanical difficulties.  We couldn't get ' it fixed (no parts available) and had to skip Montreal and Ottowa in order to get to Toronto where (we're hoping) the van will be fixed before it is time to return home. If not, there are worse countries to relocate to.

On the bright side, we did stop at a National Park outside of Montreal with a lovely shady beachside jogging trail before heading into Toronto.

One cool thing about running in sand: you can catch your footsteps on the way back and analyze your gait to see how f--cked your feet, knees, and hips are going to be if you don't clean up your act.  Well, if you are a compulsive self-absorbed freak like I am, that is.

I tend to throw my right foot way out if I'm not paying attention. Still doing it but it seems to have improved a lot. Plus I look to be moving more towards a midfoot strike, rather than coming down hard on my heel.  This (I think) has really helped on the plantar fasciitis recovery, yay!

However, I do seem to have misplaced a few toes.  Probably not good.

Another thing I discovered when I got hopelessly lost looking for a trailhead: outside the park information office, no one spoke English.  Which is kinda cool! At least until I had to actually use my high school French in order to get back to the campground.

Je suck bigtime at parling Francais.

But I did eventually find my way back and had a lovely run and encountered the Lobster just heading off for her walk.
 See that tiny dot? I didn't know yet it was her.

As it happened, the Lobster had also taken along her camera phone.

Tip for knowing you are happily married after 22-plus years: What is your immediate gut reaction when you encounter your spouse unexpectedly?

Yep, I am ALWAYS happy to see her.

So that's it for now. We made it to Toronto, but be forewarned: we still have our camera phones. More "health" and "fitness" posts may be coming your way.

Miss you guys! What is everyone up to?

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