We're on Facebook...for real this time!

Ok, so apparently this Facebook thing is a bit more tricky then I thought!  LOL!  How do the kids do it?!  Seems I led you all on a wild goose chase and it turns out I was the only one that could actually view the lovely page I had created!  So after deleting it and starting all over, it seems some of you actually have found us now and we thank you for liking our page!  So, if you haven't checked it out yet, please do and let me know if you still can't find us for some reason.  Maybe one of you can comment on this post and let the others know how you found it.  Man, I feel so old and out of date with technology.  In my mind you are all reading this post making that face that I always make when someone can't figure out how the debit machine works!  Ummmm helllo, they are all the same and it does say right there in big letters "Please DO NOT remove your card!"  (Yes, I am talking about you mom!  LOL!!!!)

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