It Ain't What it Used to Be

Cranky Fitness used to be a much better blog, for a variety of reasons.

Currently it is struggling even more than usual because I am studying for the ACE Health Coach certification exam.  And in August, a huge lameness front will likely move in and stall overhead as we're off on a house swap to Toronto for 3 weeks.  (And if any Cranketeers are pondering guest posts, this would be a great time for one!)

In fact, I may include this as a permanent page on the blog, and keep it updated as to whatever rationalization I'm currently employing for not spending days writing thoughtful, well-researched posts with helpful information and tons of links and resources and pictures. And for not visiting and linking to other blogs, tweeting, pinning, networking, and all the other social stuff one is supposed to do.

I used to do a ton of that, and it is a lot of work!  I had some great cobloggers to help with posting, and I was even hoping to create a part-time job out of Cranky Fitness and perhaps launch a writing career.  Fewer ambitions now, and a coaching practice to attend to, so... it's back to amateur hour.

Why is Cranky Fitness Even Still Here?

Well, I did try to kill it off once, but less than two years later it came back. Sometimes it seems to me like an undead zombie blog, as though it will shuffle ever forward no matter how unwelcome--sort of life-like, but not quite the real thing. And whatever it lacks in brains of its own it figures it will try to consume from other sources.

The Obligatory Health and Fitness Lesson--DIY Version

But then other times I think: so what if it ain't pretty and may scare off most normal people?  It is what it is!  And it's not a terrible blog, just not as good as it was when times were different and conditions were favorable.  I still put some thought into my posts; great people stop by; occasionally the blog nets me a book sale or a new coaching client, and sponsors send me free stuff to try out and tell you about. 

So why can't I stop comparing it to an exaggerated idealization of what it used to be, at its best? Why can't I just appreciate it for what it is now and not worry how it stands up to the earlier version, when times were different and conditions were more favorable?


Yep, regulars, by now you know the drill:  high unmet expectations based on past performance or fantasies are demoralizing!  Appreciate what you've got and seek ways that fit in with your current priorities and lifestyle to make it better!

The funny thing is, every time I write a post like this, I frame it as a temporary issue.  "Sorry, we're going on a trip!"  "Sorry, we're moving!"  "Sorry, I've been busy lately!"  So enough with that. Cranky Fitness is a different blog now.  It's more about the mental stuff, and less about the latest study that says something really interesting that 2 months later is totally contradicted by other studies.  I tend to interact more on the blog, and less outside of the blog.

But for old times sake, this is what a Cranky Fitness post used to look like, should you be curious about Omega 3's and Omega 6's.  Whew!

The Future of Cranky Fitness?

One thing I've learned in life, is that priorities change and energy ebbs and flows.  Blogging is at a bit of a low-energy state now, but that could easily change!  Due to work done in previous years of ambition and hustle and bustle, the blog has decent page rank and a surprising number of casual visitors. There is potential to build something exciting here again, and I don't rule anything out!

Got Anything in Your Life That Ain't What it Used to Be?  Are You OK With That or Do You Struggle?

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