I ate whaaaaat???

Everyone today can relate to being busy.  We run here and there with a million things to do with just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Convenience foods are so popular because they are just that, convenient.  But at what cost?  On our Blog, we talk about clean eating, the importance of fuelling our bodies and how eating certain foods will either make you feel amazing or make you feel horrible.

I can think of specific things right now that I LOVE the taste of but once I have eaten them I regret it, big time!  I feel sick and bloated, have stomach pains and just want to sleep, yet I keep going back for more!  Why???  I obviously care more about how it tastes for a few seconds in my mouth than I do about how I feel for the rest of the day, and thinking more long term, the rest of my life.  I think until you really understand what food should do and not do in your body, clean eating will be a hard thing to grasp.  If you don't let your mind think about what is in the foods you eat and how those things are making you feel, you won't really see the need to change anything.  Oh, how ignorance is bliss!!!  My ignorant bliss ended abruptly one unsuspecting afternoon when I saw a picture asking, "What do you think this is?"  The answer got my attention to the point of scaring me and it shocked me so much that the image is forever ingrained in my mind.
What do YOU think this is?
The horrifying answer...

It's mechanically separated chicken.  Think chicken burgers, chicken nuggets etc.
I never before really gave much thought as to processed food and what "processed" meant exactly.  I could not believe that I had put this pink chicken goo into my body and vowed I never would again!  I just can't!  How can I, now that I know?  I would never eat that goo on it's own, it gives me the dry heaves just thinking about it so, why would I eat it just because it's mixed with other things or made to appear a little easier on the eyes?  My mind was reeling about what else was in the foods I was eating and didn't know about!
The switch to clean eating depends on the person, some people are all or nothing and others take the more gradual approach, either way is fine. But I think once you get so sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time, the switch becomes faster for you to make.  General rules for most clean eaters are; if you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't eat it and to choose the foods closest to their original state.  This is not to say that clean eaters never have foods that are not clean, some do some don't, but they certainly limit their intake of such things. 
What can I guarantee you if you make the switch to eating clean? 
1.  You will feel better.
2.  You will look better.
If you would like Nutrition Guidance contact Train at trainsfitness@gmail.com 

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