Turning 53 and Up to My Ass in Whey Protein Powder

Yep, in attempt to solidify my health blogging reputation as a PR rep's worst nightmare, this post is indeed partly about some very tasty 365 Everyday Value Vanilla Whey Protein powder.

How thrilled the folks at Whole Foods will be to see they've secured a great blog review accompanied by reference to, and a picture of, the reviewer's posterior!

But hey, we're all about multi-tasking here at Cranky Fitness, so the post is also about greed, aging, and birthdays.  Plus it contains a sincere cry for help.

So here's the deal, in ten twelve easy steps. Plus, I added bold text to make it easier for skimmers!

1.  As with my sneaky Kuhl clothing review, I already use the product in question.  So when I got an offer to "sample" some, I figured I could save some cash on future purchases I'd make anyway if they were willing to pony up enough to make it worth blogging about. Clever huh?

2.  The reasons I'm a fan of the 365 Vanilla Whey Powder: It is comparatively reasonable priced; there is no added sugar; it has a good ratio of protein to total calories; it tastes really pretty decent; and it blends well.  I tried Trader Joes Vanilla Whey when I couldn't get to Whole Foods once, and yuck. Theirs tasted chalky and weird to me.  I like some other brands of whey powder fine too, but they are Whey More Expensive than the 365.

3.  During the summer, depending on traffic, it is a 2-4 hour drive each way to get to the nearest Whole Foods.  The idea of having the 365 protein powder sent to me directly at someone else's expense seemed appealing.

4.  Before the product sample arrived, a friend had a big birthday celebration, and we had occasion to go to Boston. On the way home, whoopee, we got to stop by Whole Foods!

5.  I completely f--ing forgot about the PR email and bought a very large container of Vanilla Whey Powder, because it's always something I buy there.

6.  The next day, three more containers of whey powder arrived in the mail.

7.  Another thing I failed to keep in mind: I have recently started to tire of the fierce green smoothies I have been consuming daily for the past few years. They're still tasty, but I've been craving eggs for breakfast instead.  (I make a mean scramble with quickly browned onions, red bell peppers, spinach, kale, pecorino cheese, and the generic Egg Beaters knock-off from the grocery store. Don't judge.)  Consequently, I am using much less whey powder than I used to.

8.  Due to my greed and failing memory, I now have enough whey powder on hand to last until civilization ends and sentient robots and cockroaches take over the world. Hmm, I wonder if they'll eat protein powder?

9. The Cry For Help: Anyone know anything else you can do with vanilla whey powder besides put it in a smoothie?

10.  The Birthday part:  This quick post was prewritten on Birthday Eve so that I could loll around over the weekend without worrying about a coming up with something more interesting to post today. I am one of those folks who refuses to do anything productive on my birthday. As a present to myself, and to y'all as well, I decided to forgo lengthy discussion of:
a. The pros and cons of various kinds of protein powders;
b. My crappy memory in all its manifestations;
c. My love/hate relationship with Whole Foods;
d. My awareness of the fact that blogs get tiresome when they start to be all about products and nonetheless how I plan to rationalize future product pimping;
e. The awesomeness of the Lobster, who will cheerfully take a picture of my butt whenever I ask her to, even if she is in the middle of something; and
f. How I feel about aging and birthdays.

Consider yourself spared!

11. Post-Birthday Update:  Guess what arrived in the mail about an hour after I wrote this post?

A surprise sample pack from Now Foods!  I thought we were just doing a giveaway with them, I didn't know I'd get my own stuff too. 

(And speaking of which, we've now ironed out the details of the June Goals Giveaway, and it's $50 worth of products as listed in the updated June Goal Support Post.)

Anyway, when I opened up the backpack, guess what one of the items inside was?

Oh yeah, you guessed it:  yet more freakin' whey powder.  I'll tell you how it tastes when the winner is announced.

12.  My birthday was wonderful.  The Lobster spoiled me for two days in a row, I got a massage, there was beautiful weather for running, biking, walking, and of course lots of eating, eating, eating and eating.

Anyone else have trouble saying no to "free?"  Or forget and buy vast quantities of something you do not actually need? Or set aside your birthday as a day to be even more lazy and self-indulgent than usual?

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