Pushin' It: June Goal Support Post & Giveaway

It's my favorite post of the month, because all the good stuff comes in the comments!

So we'll have the usual chance to check in with what people are working on and how everyone is doing with their goals, as well as find out who won last month's giveaway. And we have a new giveaway to announce as well.

As is the custom with these monthly goal posts, we encourage people to reply to each other's comments and offer support, advice, thoughts, encouragement or whatever.  And to check back to continue conversations or offer progress reports if feeling so inclined.

The theme this month is: Pushin' It! Which coincidentally...

...has absolutely NOTHING to do with the giveaway prize.

That happens to be an assortment of products provided by Now Foods, plus an unclaimed pair of Koss headphones .

UPDATE: What Sort of Now Food Products Are We Talking About?

So, it took a while to work out the details, sorry.

My original suggestion for a gigantic gift certificate for absolutely anything Now Foods carries... turned out not to be entirely practical.  And their idea of a random grab bag of stuff they're featuring seemed too likely to me to be wasteful, as most likely there might be something in there the winner would have no interest in or be allergic to or whatever.

So what we've landed on is: up to $50 worth of product the winner can choose from the following possibilities:

Raw Energy Mix (blend of raisins, pecans, pumpkin seeds, almonds and cashews); Whey Protein Isolate (blends easily in water or milk); Eve Women’s Multiple Vitamins (includes cranberry, alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10 and superfruits) or  Slender Sticks (sugar-free drink sticks sweetened with Better Stevia).

Now, back to the question of goal support...

Do You Push Yourself Hard Enough?

This is a question rarely asked here at Cranky Fitness!

I tend to value long-term persistence over short term awesomeness. This blog is all about baby steps, setting realistic goals, practicing self-compassion, embracing forgiveness, and of course, engaging in a boatload of whining, procrastination, and rationalization.

However, staying engaged for the long haul is not necessarily inconsistent with kicking ass in the short term!

I was recently over at Norma's excellent blog Welcome to My World.  She tends to be a determined, take-no-prisoners, eat-nails-for-breakfast kinda gal, and is WAY inspiring. In one of her posts she asks readers a question about the previous day:

"Did you push yourself? Or did you fuck up but tell yourself it’s fine and it’s part of the journey and that you’ll do better tomorrow? Do you ever actually DO your best?"
Which seemed like an excellent question, and not one I pose to myself very often. If ever.

I'm thinking it might be useful every now and then.

Because while many people need to let up on impossibly high standards they set for themselves, some of us are such experts in self-compassion that we sometimes miss out on the incredible satisfaction that comes from pushing our limits and blasting through them.

Now don't get me wrong: at heart I am still predominately a "don't set yourself up for failure" anti-perfectionist; a veritable Poster Girl for cutting oneself some slack.

Remember this recent creation?

And of course we have to choose our battles.  Life is too short to be Striving and Grappling and Sucking it Up on every frontier, all the time.  But there is definitely a satisfaction that comes from facing down fear or pain or fatigue or temptation and pushing your limits every now and then.

Just food for thought. I'll be curious what experiences or insights you folks might have on the whole question of Pushing Limits.

So onto a couple other things...

Wish Shelley a Happy 50th!

Inspiring Cranketeer Shelley has re-designed her blog, My Journey to Fit, to ditch the 40-something reference, and it looks lovely! And she shares a great Island-themed birthday celebration.  Stop by and welcome her to a new decade, which, from personal experience I think is pretty darn awesome.

And Finally...Who Won Last Month's Giveaway?

As you may recall, we were giving away two copies of "Honey, Do You Need a Ride?" by Runnifer Donkynski... er, I mean Jennifer Graham.

The winners are:
AzusMom and
Outsmart the Fat!

Please send me your mailing addresses gals and I'll get the books sent out to you!

To Enter This Month's Giveaway:
Leave a comment, and consider supporting fellow Cranketeers by replying to other comments as well. Many of the regulars check back and will actually read what you have written.  At the end of the month, a subgroup of active participants are selected in a nonrandom and somewhat arbitrary manner, but the winner is then selected randomly from that group.  While the giveaway is meant to encourage participation, the real awesomeness is in coming together as a community.

The winner will be announced in the next goal post in the beginning of July, and will need to check by the date announced therein.

So, what are you working on these days? How's it going? Or what do you think about the notion of Pushing Your Limits?

Push Start Photo Braden Gunem

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