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I think I have mention before that Train is a HUGE Arnold Schwarzenegger fan.  He even wrote to his hero when he was 12 years old!  I didn't know much about Arnie before Train and I met, well except the obvious, things that most people know like, "Get to the choppa!!!!" and "It's not a tuuuuma!"  Between frequent Schwarzenegger tidbits mentioned in day to day conversation and having the movie Pumping Iron on repeat, I have learned quite a bit about this interesting man.  
For example...
He is quite the savvy business man
He had an older brother who died in 1971.
He won the Mr. Universe title five times and the Mr. Olympia title seven times
He is a talented illustrator and painter
He was the original choice to play “The Incredible Hulk” in the TV series
He served 7 days in a military prison in Austria for going AWOL to compete in the Junior Mr. Europe competition
He received $29.25 million plus 20% of the gross for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
He was the first American private citizen to own a Humvee
One thing that I was very surprised to learn about him was that he had one major insecurity.  Although being the envy of many, having a muscular body that most guys would love to have, Arnold still did not like what he saw.  His biggest weakness; his calves.
Back in the early '60s, Arnold Schwarzenegger was just starting out in his competitive bodybuilding career and his calves were virtually nonexistent. Hard to believe, I know.  In Europe calf development was not top priority in the sport so Arnold focused on other muscle groups and ignored them.
When he was 19 years old he competed in his first international competition, Mr. Universe and lost, learning the hard way that there’s more to bodybuilding than training the upper body and that in bodybuilding no one body part can be favoured above another.

Here's where we learn another fact about Arnold, he does not like to lose and infact he vowed that his calves would NEVER hold him back again.


He dedicated himself to building the biggest, most impressive pair of calves around, whatever it took. Train told me that he even went as far as to cut all of his training sweatpants at the knees to constantly remind him they needed his attention.  Isn't that cool?!  I find that so motivational and am inspired by him and how he chose to face his weakness head on instead of trying to hide it.  (Hmmm, does this mean that after the baby is born, I should wear only crop tops.....uhh, I'm going say no, and instead just be inspired and let his story be my motivation!
Arnold began a vigorous workout regime.  He believed that his calf muscle was unlike other body parts, in that it was more stubborn, less apt to grow. But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t grow, just that he would have to be more persistent than ever. 
His hard work and dedication certainly paid off and his calves grew so fast in fact that rumours of a visit to a plastic surgeon specializing in implants began to surface. Schwarzenegger just laughed them off and continued plugging away.  By the time he won Mr. Olympia in 1973 his calves were measuring at 20" and were viewed as the best of his day, an honor that he still holds to this day.
You can accomplish ANYTHING if you are willing to work hard for it. 


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