's so underated!

Train and I love nothing more than our sleep, you know, a good 10-12 hours! 
I know what you're thinking, enjoy it now and trust me, we are!!! 
I must be in phenomenal shape, because right now I sleep ALL the time!!!!

Another great fatigue fighter, is Shakeology.  I would say it was the first result I felt after I started drinking it.  For me it was a great start to the day or mid day pick-me-up (I replaced my 3pm Timmies French Vanilla with it) and I noticed that for the first time in my life I actually felt rested when I woke up in the morning.  Ok, not like jumping out of bed singing and dancing rested, but lets just say I didn't want to hurt people or throw my alarm clock across the room anymore.  It was at that time that I actually started doing something I had never done before, I started my day with a workout.  My body was finally getting the nutrition it needed and I felt so good and rested and I would get up at 6am to workout before going to work, something I thought I wasn't even capable of doing.   
If you're interested in more info about Shakeology, or sampling it contact us at  

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