May Day! Goal Support and Fun Book Giveaway

So when you hear the words "May Day," do you think of...

Festive celebrations?

Or acknowledgment of those who perform hard labor around the world?

Or perhaps you think of panicked calls for help during horrible disasters?

Well, it's all good, because May Day coincides with our monthly goal check-in! Which often involves discussion of celebrations, back-breaking work, and disasters of one kind or another.

Plus we've got a giveaway of two copies of a nifty book which you will hear more about momentarily: "Honey, Do You Need a Ride?" by Jennifer Graham.

Oh, and if you participated in last months goal post, you may want to see if you are one of the winners of the MOVband armband activity monitor.

So let's get to it!

Wait... what is a "goal post?"

If you are not a regular here, you may think a goal post is just the thingy at the end of a football field. You may not realize that a monthly goal check-in has become something of an institution here at Cranky Fitness.

Wait, anyone got a dictionary? Is "institution" defined as "a thing that has happened a few times before, and may even happen again in the future, unless we get bored and say f--ck it, let's not bother?"

Oh, that's not what it says?  Well, then never mind that whole "institution" thing.

But anyway, since the beginning of the year, we've been checking in once a month about goals or aspirations or progress or random thoughts about what we're doing or not doing. These goals could be related to fitness or not, we don't care.  It's basically a place to grouse or rejoice or get encouragement or whatever. Sometimes declaring that you're going to do something helps motivate good behavior, at least for a little while.

The cool thing is that commenters often reply to each other, and check back, and engage in discussions, and offer encouragement and support.  There is a giveaway at the end of the month as a gesture of appreciation for those who participate.  A subset of commenters is secretly selected by me to be finalists, totally arbitrarily, and then the Random Number Generator picks the actual winner. This way, if you win, you know I picked you, but if you don't, you know I probably picked you and its totally the RNG's fault you got robbed.

This Month's Giveaway: A Book You Will Probably Enjoy! Unless You Have Something Against Runners or Donkeys.

Note: The author owns donkeys, I am not implying she is a donkey. She is the one in the middle and clearly is not a donkey.

Anyway, the book is a hilarious but often bittersweet memoir of a self-described "fat runner."  There is a lot about running, and about Running While Fat--something that our culture seems to regard as bizarre and vaguely threatening. But the book is also about handling the heartbreaks of life, and finding inspiration where you can, and cool stuff like that.

Jennifer has a kick-ass sense of humor and a feisty attitude.  She is exactly the sort of writer Crabby McSlacker aspires to be! Except that Jennifer doesn't swear quite enough and she has an actual story to tell.  Plus, again, she has donkeys. And kids. That all sounds like too much work.

The only two things I might take issue with are:  (1) While I love that she embraces the word fat unapologetically, Jennifer doesn't look all that fat to me.  But then I guess we all get to define ourselves however we want, so if she says she's fat then I guess she is so never mind. And (2) it is already hard enough to open any sort of account if your initials are J. Graham and do we really need another J. Graham out there hogging possible email addresses and urls etc? I think she should change her name to Runnifer Donkynski or something.

But otherwise, I heartily approve.  And don't take my word for it, check out Jennifer Graham's blog or her articles published in periodicals you will have actually heard of to reassure yourself that she is awesome.

Oh, and this giveaway is part of a Virtual Book Tour put together by the charming and capable Emily Hedges of Hedges Virtual Book Tours. So if you are a blogger who likes to read and review things, and if you'd like to participate in future tours, you may want to get in touch to see if your blog is a good fit for anything!

So Who Won Last Month's MovBand Activity Monitor?

The winners are:

Tree Peters and

Congratulations!  Please claim your prize by emailing me (see schmooze page) within the next week with your mailing info. and I'll get our sponsor right on it.

But wait, it seems something's missing this month...

Where is The Boring Advice Part About How to Achieve Your Cherished Goals?

I've been kinda preachy lately, chock full of advice you already know and which I may or may not follow myself, depending on how far up my own posterior my head is at any given moment.   I'll check in with my own May goal below in the comments, but I'm going to spare you the usual Tips and Tricks stuff. I'm way more interested in what YOU folks have to say about what you'd like to see happen in your lives, how you're dealing with the ups and downs, and what doesn't work for you or what does works for you, so I can steal your tricks to use myself! Or better yet, turn them into another rambling blog post.

Did anyone achieve anything interesting in April? What might you be looking to do in May? Or just stop in and say hi!

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