Core: Are You Phoning it In?

This is just a quick post, a new experiment here at Cranky Fitness, land of the 10,000 word digression-filled ramble.

Anyway, I have recently discovered a kickass way to get more serious about core work that I wanted to share.  Not that I'm necessarily gonna get more serious, but at least I discovered an intriguing new way to do it.

So I was already aware that there are all kinds of videos with exercise ideas and demonstrations on the web.  The problem?  I don't tend to exercise in front of the computer, and I can never remember anything I've seen 30 seconds later, let alone hours or days later at the gym where it might come in handy.

And yes, I'm do know they've invented a thing called the smartphone which can be taken to a gym, and I even own one!

Yet you can't do most exercises while staring at your cell phone.  (I will leave aside the whole unrelated issue of people who sit on weight machines that I WANT TO USE obliviously texting away, theoretically planning on doing another set someday).

However, there is one set of exercises particularly well-suited to watching on a cell phone:  core exercise on the floor.  You can plonk a cell phone down on the floor and do plank variations over it: the plonk and plank!

This first one routine I found randomly on Youtube. First, before you go to the gym or basement or whereever, you watch video for the explanation. Then send the link to your cell phone. When it's time to try it for real, you scooch the time up to 1:40, set it down on the floor, and do the whole routine while hovering over it.

It's both a test to see if you are awesome, and  (to me) an excruciating plank workout.  Somehow, having this big guy panting there right with you pushes you further than you might normally go.  (Note: I made it to the end but with much cursing and with horrible form so it was really kinda cheaty.  Am working on making it for real).

So check out this plank test/hideous core exercise:

And if you're looking for more videos, Kim at Day with KT has a bunch.  Here's another alternative move to mix it up with planks:

And if you want to add lower back work, the same big dude who created the plank torture test has some face down lower back stuff which I fully intend to try next time I'm at the gym! Or, um, not.  We'll see.

Do you guys use phones at the gym or otherwise incorporate video training into exercise?

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