Comin' Home

Yep, this is exactly what Crabby looks like creating culinary magic in her kitchen!

What does it mean to be "home?"  And what the heck does that question have to do with health and fitness?

Oh, and speaking of home, we've also got a bit of blog "housekeeping" to catch up on, like announcing giveaway winners and other stuff.

So Where Does Crabby Call Home? 

As it happens, home is a somewhat confusing concept for me.

Supportive and patient Cranketeers may recall that the Crab and Lobster live on two different coasts; half the year in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, CA and the other half the year we spend in Provincetown, MA.  We have moved around a fair amount in our lives, and frequently visit family in the San Francisco Bay Area, and embark on extended house swaps to different countries, and like to travel around in a campervan for weeks and sometimes even months at a time.

And believe me, we ain't complainin'! 

But having just recently arrived in Ptown as I write this, I'm still in the stage where I look for the garlic press in drawer where the dish towels live, accidentally turn up the hot water in the shower when it's already scalding, and wake up in the middle of the night not sure which way the bathroom is. It's a bit disorienting.  Everything is familiar, yet obviously not 100% familiar or I wouldn't be scratching my head trying to remember when the recycling dudes come or what nights the library stays open past 5 p.m.

Plus there are people and places and things that I was very fond of in San Diego. They are not Here.  I miss them!

 My personal canyon when I want to take a walk.

Weird plants that don't grow so well in New England.

And yet in a few days, I will be reacquainted with all the people and places and things I am fond of Here that weren't There.

Not a bad view when off for a run.

San Diego is sadly lacking in Hat Sisters.

So within a few more days, I will make the transition and this place will feel like "home" again. Sort of. Because the flip side of having a lot of places to call home is that there is no single physical place that ever feels like 100% home.  When someone asks where we live, there is usually an awkward moment of uncertainty as we try to figure out what the answer is.

But we absolutely love the feeling of adventure and rediscovery and the freshness that the wayfaring lifestyle provides.  

And I don't think we're alone: home is a complicated concept for a lot of people. Not just those weird enough to voluntarily uproot their lives several times a year and make odd employment and lifestyle compromises and regularly abandon their friends and loved ones.  Many folks have employment or health or family situations that require them to relocate frequently or live in places that do not initially feel anything like "home."

How do you find home wherever you are?

Some of these rambling thoughts were inspired by Rick Hanson's Just One Thing newsletter. (I can't link to directly but you can sign up for it yourself for free). The last one includes an exploration of the notion of "home," not as not simply a geographical location, but as a distinct psychological and physiological state.

To summarize inelegantly and perhaps inaccurately: leaving "home" and responding to challenges and disruption is a necessary part of life! However, it is not healthy to feel chronically stressed and emotionally "homeless."  The ability to find a mental sense of home, regardless of environment or circumstances, is a nifty practice to become conversant with, and Rick offers some helpful suggestions. These, not surprisingly, involve mindfulness and an appreciation of the present moment.   Practicing as he suggests may lead to calmness, contentment, and caring, which sure beats feeling like a tweaked-out inadequate harassed grumpbunny.

But aside from the Mindfulness thing, which I am duly f--king working on thanks to the constant reminders by every self-improvement expert on the planet, "home" for me has some other more salient criteria.

Home is Where the... Elliptical is?

Well, not quite, but it's almost embarrassing that so much of what I need to feel "settled" involves an environment conducive to health and fitness.  Ironically, one of the least healthy of my habits is the almost obsessive need to ensure access to certain foods, exercise opportunities, sleeping conditions, etc.  Note: this doesn't mean I always take advantage of all the healthy options! But I have to know that I COULD or I just don't feel like I'm home yet.

Important People, Places and Things

These do not have to stay the same all year but there are certain foundations that seem to support the feeling of truly being home.  The Lobster, obviously.  And fun, down-to-earth friends.  The ability to make coffee.  A walkable, preferably gay-friendly 'hood with a vibrant, alternative vibe.  And beautiful natural spaces close by with trees and flowers and birds and critters and water and blue skies and fluffy clouds.

How lucky am I to get to travel around and yet to keep finding this magical sort of environment over and over in so many different places? If there's afterlife and any justice in the universe, I suspect I'm due to come back as a maggot or protozoa or something.

 Dang, now I'll NEVER find headphones that fit.

And... of, course, I need the Cranketeers!

While I am a notoriously lazy and inconsistent blogger, when I am away from Cranky Fitness more than a day or two, I start feeling a little twitchy.  Cranky Fitness is one of my favorite homes! It's hard to describe how grateful I feel for all of you who make this place so warm and fun and homey.  With the annual schlep east I missed being online for Death Ride Grandma's awesome guest post, but felt like the luckiest blogger in the blogosphere when I got to read all the comments.

And now that I'm at least a little bit unpacked I'll be jumping into the comments again, and I'm looking forward to chattin' with y'all!

OK, now it's Housekeeping Time:

Wait, you're supposed to clean them?

Giveaway winners:

The Koss headphones go to:  Helen Messer.

And the "Up and Running" online running course goes to: Toolie and Lazy Girl Goes Running.

Congrats! Please email to check in by the end of the day Friday May 31st!  See the schmooze page for the Secret Email address.

Next Goal Support Post:

Will (I hope) be appearing June 3rd. 

So what do you guys need in order to feel "home"?

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