10 Commandments of Sincerely Unapologetic Runners

I've had enough of the wimpy-poo trail etiquette rules.  So, yeah I have my own religion of running.  Here are the 10 Commandments of Sincerely Unapologetic Runners:

1. WEAR YOUR DIRT & SWEAT WITH PRIDE.  So your legs and trail shoes are covered in mud from that 12 miler you just did?  That's no reason not to pick up your Nutella and tortillas at the co-op on the way home.  You were having so much fun running on the ridge you realize you only have 20 minutes until your hot date?  No worries, a  few wipies and a quick change of clothes and you're ready.  Heck, if s/he doesn't like your trail style it's better to know sooner than later!
The ideal date
2. SNOT IS NORMAL. Just tell me when it's dried on my nose and we're all good. Capiche?  It's that simple. Snot happens. Friends tell friends.

3. IF I'M HOBBLING BE SURE TO CONGRATULATE ME.  Of course I'm okay!  I just ran 100 fricking miles. Penguin walk is done with pride.  Not to worry, I'll loosen up after 10 minutes.  Or a couple of days...

4. BEER IS A POST RACE DRINK. Forget the Gatorade. Forget the water. Okay, water is good too. Take it from Karl Meltzer. He has thirty five 100 mile wins to his legendary name and what's his crosstraining tip? Beer. Bottoms up folks!
the Speedgoat knows the benefits of beer
5. THOU SHALT HIGH-FIVE: That's right, forget that nod thingy you always do. Raise a hand to your fellow runners! Take it from James Varner, race director at Rainshadow Running:
Orcas Island 50k, race director James Varner
 6. RUN SHIRTLESS WITH PRIDE: I don't care if you're 400 pounds.  If taking off your shirt makes you feel more free then by all means shed that layer!  If it offends someone that's their problemo.  Enjoy the freedom of running!

7. THOU SHALL LINE UP IN ORDER OF SPEED. As a race director it sort of ticks me off when someone time after time lines up in the front of the pack just to be in the race photo. You know who you are.  Do you really want to be passed by 300 runners?  Ladies, if you are fast, get up in the front, don't be shy!

8. RUN FOR PLEASURE: If you don't like running, pick another sport.  Life is too short to spend it doing stuff you don't enjoy. I hear far too often of people running because they feel they have to.  There are many sports to choose from. Explore.

9. THERE IS NO PERFECT ANYTHING: What's the best trail shoe? The best pack? The best gel? The best electrolyte? Training plan?  Forget perfect, and explore what is best for you personally.  For shoes, visit your locally run shoe store and try on lots of different shoes.

10. MUSCLES ARE SEXY: Ladies stop being afraid of your muscles. They are hot.  Runner muscles are attractive on men and women.  Embrace your strength! 
Emelie Forsberg, need I say more?!
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